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Family Games to Play While Traveling

One of the best parts of traveling with your family is having more time to spend together, chat and bond. However, one of the toughest things about family travel is that when you spend too much time trapped inside a car with your family things can get a bit boring.Top three favorite games for families to play while traveling.In this blog post you will find a list of my favorite family games on trip.

If you have ever traveled with your kids you know what I mean. The logical thing to do for some people is to play a movie or allow them to use their tablets for as long as they want. However I prefer something where we can all be involved. We like fun and silly games. Following is a short list of our favorite ones.

Family Games

My Favorite Family Games to Play While Traveling

Dots And Boxes
This one is awesome for those times when weather won’t allow you to leave your hotel room, or if your flight is delayed. The best part is that you don’t need to buy a fancy game, all you need is a pencil and some paper. To play you need to draw rows and columns of evenly spaced dots. The first player draws a line, straight across or straight down, from one dot to a neighboring dot. The second player does the same. When a player’s line forms a complete box, he or she writes an initial in the box and receives another turn. The player with the most boxes wins. This way the game can take as long as you want.

Alphabet Game
Now this one is our favorite for long road trips.This will keep you alert and entertained because you have to look for signs, trucks, license plates or anything around with text on it. The Idea is to find word with a letter of the alphabet until you make your way through the whole alphabet. The first one to do it wins.

Spot The Car
This one might be better for older children or teens. For it you have to prepare a list off cool models of cars that they might like. Then give them a copy and make them look for them on the road. The one who manages to see the most wins.

Bonus: If you want to distract yours self with something else while they are having all of the fun in the back you can visit websites like rummy online to find some cool card games.

And that is how my family and I like to be entertained while on the road.

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