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Family Friendly Things to Do In Northern Italy

Italy is a country which literally has everything. From the beautiful, historic and serene canals of Venice to the glamorous runways of the Milan Fashion Week, Northern Italy, in particular is not short of something to do for all the family.

Dating back to 827, Venice has a piece of history on every corner, and with the exquisite gondolas lining every canal across the 118 islands it’s hard to think of a more idyllic city.

St Mark’s Square offers just this. Overlooked by St Mark’s Basilica, the square is a huge hit with tourists, and pigeons, as its breath-taking architecture surrounds you in what Napoleon apparently named, “the drawing room of Europe”.

Italy 1

But of course, a trip to Venice isn’t complete without a trip down one of its many canals. The Grand Canal is the city’s main thoroughfare and lined with beautiful Renaissance palaces, making colourful viewing and an image you will simply never forget.

If you’re looking for a more sophisticated trip however, then head westerly towards Milan and Turin. With Fashion Week happening twice a year, the boutique and designers shops. The Galleria Vittoerio Emanuele II in Milan combines unforgettable belle époque splendour with some of the biggest names in fashion. The 19th century glass-topped building serves as a bustling and colourful mall and includes cafes and bars to sit back and watch the world go by.

Turin offers much the same, majestic architecture but with the added beauty of the mountains. Turin is a popular region and home to the Museo Egizio, holding one of the most impressive collections of Egyptian artefacts in the world.

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As the city continues to grow in popularity, a must see is The Mole Antonelliana and is a symbol of Turin. Built in 1863, the Mole is the highest monument in Italy and thanks to an innovative panoramic elevator you can reach the top and look out over the stunning city of Turn.

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  1. Italy looks to be a breathtaking destination with stunning architecture and many natural wonders to see. I really need to get my act together and explore more of Europe. Hope you had a great time in Italy!

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