6 Family-Friendly Things to Do in Kerala, India

If you are looking to get the authentic Indian experience while staying at a place that is not as filled with tourists as other popular destinations in India like Delhi you might want to consider Kerala. It is located in the southwest region of the country. Six things to do in Kerala India that make it a great option for traveling with kids. Learn all about the details of top family travel.

Things to Do in Kerala, India

Nature lovers will have a blast exploring the neighboring lush areas. It is completely surrounded by forests which are also filled with wildlife and natural beauties. There is something to do for all tastes and fitness levels.

Kerala also receives two nicknames that tell a lot about the beauty of the area and the warmth of its people. It is often referred to as “God’s own country” and as “Sleepy Kerala”. That is because aside from its surroundings looking like what is often thought of as paradise and for being some of India’s most tranquil and peaceful regions. It is nothing like beautiful Goa or Mumbai.

So don’t be one of the many travelers that skip it in favor of other areas of India. Make some time for Kerala in your Itinerary.

Still not sure about whether Kerala is the right place to visit for you and your family? Take a look at the following video. It shows some of the best that it has to offer.

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Kerala – Human by Nature

Kid-Friendly Things to Do in Kerala

Yes, aside from being a relaxing place that offers a lot of outdoor adventures, Kerala is also extremely kid-friendly. Here are the top 6 things to do in Kerala with kids.

1. Explore Fort Kochi

The place is a great option to get started with your exploration of Kerala. I know you will be eager to get to the countryside but give Kochi a chance. You can see the local beach, the fishermen’s area, and huge laundry areas that people use every day. But by far the most fun adventure is to take a rickshaw tour.

It will take you to see all the main spots of the town like the ones I already mentioned as well as the church and maybe you’ll also get a stop at a local eatery.

You will be doing a lot of exploring without staying put in one place, allowing kids to stay entertained, but you will also be on board a vehicle, so they won’t get tired as fast.

2. Catch a Kathakali Performance

This is a traditional dancing/story play with a lot of cultural meaning. Actors get dressed in magnificent costumes, elaborate masks, and colorful makeup. It is impressive to just see one of the actors in their full costume.

As around because in some places, you will be able to hear the story in English. Plus if you arrive early you might be able to experience an important ceremony that is done while the makeup is put on the performers.

The performances include many art forms like music, vocal performers, choreography, and hand and facial gestures. They are all mixed in a way that allows them to tell stories about mythology, legends, religious tales, and more.

3. Take a Boat Tour of the Backwaters 

It is finally time to go explore nature. These tours will take you to explore parts of the extensive waterways of the area.

You can find tours that go from an hour or so to multi-day adventures on board large boats that work as hotels and meals are included. Quality varies depending on the price range, but I’d recommend making sure you go on a boat with A/C. Things get really hot and humid.

When traveling with kids, a one-night tour will allow you to enjoy the signs of villages and the delicious local food without them getting bored.

4. Explore the Local Tea Fields 

Aside from it being a great adventure. Going inland will allow you to have a break from the intense humidity of the coast. This area is located about 5 hours from Kochi.

There is some tea fields tour available where you are taken for a drive between plantations. Your guide will give you a few fun facts about the production while you enjoy the gorgeous views of the area. You also get to do some hiking in some of the versions of the tour

In Ghats, you will also be able to find a tea museum where you get to learn more about tea production. There is even a film about local history.

5. Enjoy the Railways

Visiting India and not taking some time to experience at least a small section of their railways is missing a great adventure.

That way, kids get to enjoy the views, it won’t get too hot and, you get to travel along with locals living their normal lives.

6. Enjoy AyurvedaRetreats

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to heal yourself with the 3000 years old medicinal or holistic therapeutic treatments of Ayurveda in the land of its birth. Ayurveda retreats in Kerala introduce you to a combination of herbal medicines, rejuvenating therapies, yogic practices, and clean sattvic food which focuses on the overall wellness of the self (both physical and mental).

In an Ayurveda retreat, you will undergo a thorough assessment related to your lifestyle, personal health, etc. by an Ayurveda specialist. Depending on your Dosha (Vata, Pitta or Kapha) type, you will be prescribed the perfect Ayurveda program to balance your individual constitution.

Some of the popular locations for Ayurveda retreats in Kerala are Varkala, Trivandrum, Mararikulam, Palakkad, Thrissur, and Kovalam.  These locations feature some of the best yoga schools in kerala and luxury yoga retreats that are the epitome of tranquility, peace, world class treatments, and of course, amiable hospitality.

You can also be a part of numerous additional activities offered at the retreats such as boat rides, bicycling, hiking, water-sport activities, elephant bathing, and more while enjoying your stay in ‘God’s Own Country’. “

These activities alone can provide almost a full week of family fun in Kerala. Have you ever been there? What were your favorite things to do in Kerala?

Things to Do in Kerala, India

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