Top 5 Family Friendly Things to Do in Barcelona

family friendly things to do in barcelona

When you think about traveling to Europe there are a few cities that pop into your mind. Until recently Barcelona was one of them. I had always been extremely attracted to it. So I couldn’t miss the opportunity to go during a recent visit to Spain.

Barcelona is one of the cities that you must visit during a trip to Spain. The place is heaven for travelers who enjoy learning about local culture, art, architecture, and food. I was there with my two sons and husband and we all had a great time. So this article is a compilation of some of our favorite family-friendly things to do in Barcelona.

things to do in barcelona

5 Things to Do in Barcelona

1. Private Gaudí Bike Tour
Gaudi is a famous architect from Catalonia who is the responsible for some of the most amazing and famous buildings in Barcelona. Being Park Guell one of his most famous masterpieces and even declared UNESCO World Heritage site. Then there is the famous Sagrada Familia Church.

Things to do in Barcelona Guadi bike tour

Visiting them is a must when you travel to Barcelona and there are few better ways to do this as a family. Kids usually love biking tours.

2. Photography Tour
This is basically like any other city tour that you can find out there. What makes it special and attractive to kids and adolescents is that the goal is to go through Barcelona with your phone on your hands. They will be learning all sorts of fun facts about the most famous places while attempting to take the best photos possible.

Things to do in Barcelona Photography Tour

3. Barcelona Food Tour
We all love eating ant trying new things. Even picky eaters get excited to taste some stuff in a new country. So why not take the kids out to a tour of some of the best restaurants in Barcelona that are run by locals that locals love to visit.

things to do in barcelona food tour

This is definitely a fun thing that my family loves to do. Plus if kids don’t like it, there is no problem because they are small testings so it won’t go to waste.

4. Boqueria Market
During our family visit to Barcelona, we stayed at an apartment that we rented. So the market was gold for us since I had to do all of the cooking. It was also a cool place to visit whenever I didn’t want to cook because there are many stands offering traditional food and tapas.

things to do in barcelona Boqueria Market

Doing this as a tour makes a fun experience that will allow you to learn more about how locals cook and all of the staples in their tables.

5. Kickstart Tour of Barcelona
One thing that I learned when my sons were smaller was that young kids don’t stay entertained for long. so no matter how much I wanted to learn and continue a tour I had to abandon them when they got bored. So I had to find a way yo be able to enjoy a tour without sacrificing my kid’s fun.

things to do in barcelona - kickstart tour

That is why this sort of quick tours where you learn all about the city in a short period of time and are constantly changing the place and theme is so great for families.

You can find all of the guided tours that I just mentioned and find more fun things to do in Barcelona at Withlocals. They aim to connect people and cultures through traveling. This means that your tour guide will be a local, expert on the region and its history. They can even show you some unique places that most tourists don’t get to see.

Family friendly things to do in barcelona

This to me sounds like a great idea. Having a local with you that can take you everywhere instead of a foreigner trained to say the same thing over and over again.

So if you want fun, check out different Barcelona Turistic Hop On Hop Off Bus Tours.

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