Kid Friendly Restaurants in New Orleans and Famous Dishes to Try

New Orleans is known for so many cool things, it’s hard to keep up with it all. However, no one can dispute that food is certainly at the top of the list. If you’re traveling with older kids or adults, it’s easy to just hit up any of the amazing restaurants that are all over New Orleans. However, if you’re traveling with younger kids, many elements need to line up for it to be enjoyable for all people in your group. That’s why I decided to list here the best restaurants in New Orleans you can go with kids, also I’ll let you know some famous dishes to try

And this becomes even more interesting when you’re a solo traveling parent. The last thing you need is whiny, bored kids while you’re trying to enjoy a typical New Orleans, Creole-style meal.

cafe du monde new orleans - family time

Have no fear, New Orleans has you covered. There are plenty of great restaurants to taste all the traditional dishes without sacrificing your time because the kids have plenty to choose from and also entertaining.

Famous Dishes in New Orleans

One thing about New Orleans is that they have many dishes that were started and created in New Orleans. And, because of that, there are specific restaurants that specialize mainly in those dishes (plus many others).

Beignets, Beignets, Beignets

You can NOT come to New Orleans and not have a beignet. Many restaurants serve them, but you have to go to the original and the ones that specialize.


If you watch the movie ‘Princess and the Frog’ this will be one of the best ways to get your kids open to trying foods they normally would be sneering up their noses. But if a princess can do it, they certainly can join the club.

Gator Sausages

Gator meat is a true delicacy in New Orleans. Many places serve it, however, if you want your kids to have fun with it, you have to find the right place for it.

Po Boys

Po Boys was created here to feed the working class during lunch breaks.

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Kid-Friendly Restaurants in New Orleans

Cafe Du Monde

this place is only Beignets. Literally, you can not get anything else here except for café au lait, hot chocolate, white hot chocolate, and orange juice. Super affordable, amazing location, and great family fun. You should get there earlier, as you can see Cafe du Monde really gets crowded.

café du monde

Cafe Beignet

This restaurant serves up delicious beignets, but they also have a full menu. So if you want to have real food followed by beignets this is the best choice. Also, the atmosphere of Cafe Beignet and the outdoor garden makes all the difference for kids and fun.

cafe beignet - outdoor garden

Gumbo Shop

There are tons of restaurants that serve Gumbo, but the Gumbo Shop (judging by the name) is considered to specialize in this. Plus, they have a lot of other great dishes to try. They have an outdoor seating area and fun coloring for the kids.

gumbo shop - kid friendly

Dat Dog

This is without a doubt one of the most fun restaurants in New Orleans, especially for kids. Dat Dog is colorful and wide open. They serve many sausage-style ‘hot dogs’ and a gator dog is one of them. My son loved his.

dat dog - hungry boy

Johnny Po Boy’s

Yes, these sandwiches are served in almost every restaurant here. But Johnny’s Po Boys are world known for their Po Boys. Plus, the fact that it’s ordered at the counter, allows you to do the ordering quickly and not fuss around at the table with the kids.

po boys - roast beef

Steamboat Natchez

Steamboats are a tradition here, and so is Jazz. Putting these two together and adding food makes a perfect way to have fun with food. The Steamboat Natchez is one of the oldest steamboat tours in New Orleans. They serve up a New Orleans-style Buffet, along with a tour of the Mississippi River. And after eating, you can enjoy a jazz show as well.

teamboat natchez - jazz band

Mother’s Restaurant

Mother’s Restaurant is great for all tastes. They are known for the best-baked ham. However, I found that they actually serve the best New Orleans and Creole style cooking in general. The restaurant is also counter service, so you can order quickly and then hang out in their numerous dining rooms.

mothers combo dish - new orleans

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