10 Steps to Plan a Family Camping Trip

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Camping with your family would be a real fun then. But you have to make the right preparation prior to great family camping. Kids are greatly interested in camping and packing things. The best way to practice yourself or teach your kids is by arranging family camping tents in your backyard. This will help your kids to know about the fundamental of great family camping like packing or unpacking of things, bedding and also provide knowledge about assembling and dismantling of the family camping tents. Here is a few more camping tips list that will help you to plan a wonderful family camping trip.

Camping trips are one of the best bonding moments for families. There are so many activities and things to do, and even the simple ones are always fun as long as you’re around the people who love you. (you should check some family camping tips). Singing around the campfire, eating s’mores,  telling stories, hiking, biking, and a lot more exciting things. You should definitely plan a family camping trip.

10 Steps to Plan a Family Camping Trip
Read one below for 10 essential tips for planning a fun family camping trip.

If you don’t want to risk your family camping by trial and error, here are some tips on how to make camping fun and rewarding for you and your kids.

How to Plan a Family Camping Trip

Choose Your Right Destination 

It might be a little tough to choose the right destination for your camping trip. It would be nice to decide a destination that is fun for kids too. Also, you could consider the easy and convenient campgrounds that have clean toilets, running water for showers, and wide-open green spaces for the kids to run.

It could be a very pleasant decision to go on a family camping trip to one of those campgrounds which are fully equipped with what you’ll need. But if you want to experience real outdoor life, then you can go to a location that’s far away from people, deeper into the woods, and don’t have luxury amenities.

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Choose the right tent

It is always better to have a separate tent for your kids. This will afford privacy for you and your teenage children. Normally, teenagers love to have their own breathing room and liberty to do things. Therefore, family camping tents should provide a discrete room for your kids, especially when camping with teenagers.

Be Prepared

Planning is very essential especially when little kids are involved, everything should be prepared ahead of time for kids who are very sensitive. You should pick a destination fit for your family, pack all the necessary camping things needed for both you and your kids, all of the special things needed for health or hygiene should be packed ahead of time.

If you are going on a long drive and would want to make it more memorable, consider a motor home or an RV rental, this camper van makes it easy for you and your children, it makes the travel journey fun for them.


If you are new to family camping, it is advisable to get primed with your RV and to have a better practice before starting for family camping resorts. Be aware of the routes to the camping sites. This will prevent you from getting lost and save you a lot of time.

It is also efficient since you can go and stop anywhere and also have the space to sleep and no need to bother pitching tents that are not ideal in different types of weather. Bring flashlights, batteries, water, and insect repellents too, as they are the most common thing to bring for camping.

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Prepare Fun Activities

You should plan ahead and think of different activities you could do outdoors, especially if you’re camping with your family. You might go with your kids, and they would need to be entertained on the trip, but electronics are not usually an option. Think of fun activities that you can enjoy together like stargazing, scavenger hunts, fishing, playing board games, observing wildlife. Do a little research and make a list of fun things for your kids to choose from to make everything go smoothly.

For families seeking to add an extra element of adventure to their camping trip, consider incorporating outdoor play equipment such as climbing domes. You can easily order a climbing dome online to enhance your outdoor experience.

Make sure you plan some sort of age-appropriate recreational activity. It will give you time and opportunities to teach your children about nature, while also bonding with them. You can also bring books and board games that you can read and do while everyone is relaxing.

Most campsites offer plenty of activities like kayaking, biking, hiking, and playing in the water. And sitting around a campfire while telling a story might sound cliché, but it’s the best time to share family memories of camping during years past or during your own childhood. This can stick in your children’s minds, and they might even tell this to their family of their own in the future, and make them continue the tradition.

Camping Safety Tips for Your Family to Enjoy the Great Outdoors
Sitting around a campfire while telling a story might sound cliché, but it’s the best time to share family memories.

Your Meal Plan

You need to plan your meals and figure out how you’re going to cook your food outdoors. Think about the ingredients and different frozen food you can take with you. You’re also going to need the tools to cook it all. It might get a little tricky finding the best option when it comes to camping cookware, but investing in a decent mess kit can be very convenient because it has different cookware and utensils that can easily fit in any backpack, making every camping trip much more seamless.

Just remember to get one that has all the essentials because mess kits are different and have different items. Also, make sure you have enough plates for everyone.

Make Sure You Have Good Food

Hungry little children while camping will definitely lead to disaster. Therefore, you should pack the food that your children want. You can also bring small snacks like crackers, biscuits, granola bars, and finger foods to keep them from being hungry.

You can also make them involved in the cooking process, it will be a fun experience for them. Another bonus point in camping is the campfire, you can put things on sticks like hot dogs, marshmallows, barbecue, and kebabs. Your kids will appreciate what they cook, and you could use extra help while doing lots of things.

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Get All the Gear Before Leaving

Though your camping is a short journey or trekking, it is well again if each one has a backpack. The backpack can hold maximum requirements a person may require while going for a short walk or trekking. Children can make use of their school bags with which they are well acquainted with carrying their lunch, snacks, water bottle, and other essentials. But don’t overload your backpacks.

Doing so will make you get tired easily, and your camping will and exhausted rather than enjoyable. Fanny packs and waist pouches are also the best alternatives to carry things. A small container with easy-to-pull drawers and several compartments as in a fishing tackle box will provide space to store your kids’ stationery, craft, and art items.

Testing Your Equipment

You need to remember to test your equipment before you go on your trip, especially if you bought new stuff that you haven’t used yet. You need to check that every gadget is working fine, nothing is damaged, and nothing is too difficult to handle. You can quickly return and replace anything faulty before you head out.

Check to see if every flashlight and headlamp is working right, the sleeping bags or camping mattresses are comfortable and durable, and make sure that your first-aid kid is fully stocked with everything you could need outdoors.

The Weather Forecast

It’s always nice to check the weather forecast for the duration you’ll be away on your family camping trip. It will help you know what to pack, what type of clothes will you need, and what to expect when you’re outdoors. However, the smart way to be prepared for the trip is to have clothes and gear that are suitable for any kind of weather. You need to think about emergency blankets, insulating sleeping bags, umbrella hats, bodysuits, spare socks, and everything else you might need if the weather changes to your trip.

It wouldn’t hurt to think about the different routes to get to your destination when planning a family camping trip.
It wouldn’t hurt to think about the different routes to get to your destination when planning a family camping trip.

Take Some Camping Journals

Children, even kids, find it a great pleasure to assemble their individual picture journals. So encourage them to collect photographs, postcards, rare and adorable treasures found in their campsites like shells or leaves. They can adjoin their personal entries along with their collections.

Taking the Right Route

It wouldn’t hurt to think about the different routes to get to your destination after everything is ready and you’re about to hit the open road. You need to check ahead and use apps to see if there will be bad traffic ahead that can waste your time. Unexpected events could happen on the road. Being ready for them gives you a chance to take detours. This will help you reach your destination much faster.


This planning family camping trips list will help you to have a safer journey and to know more about the camping tips list, you can gather information from the family camping blog. For family camping blog presents you with all the updated information on family camping and family camping resorts. In the family camping blog, you can also come across the personal experiences and comments of various people who had gone family camping.

Planning in advance can make a lot of difference for a fun family camping experience. Most importantly, for active and finicky kids, you should plan ahead of time, be prepared, and then have fun! Nothing is more memorable than spending your time with your family.

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Last Updated on March 27, 2024

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