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Family Adventure – 5 Holiday Ideas for Adventurers

With the summer approaching fast, people are all starting to get itchy feet, and the desire to go wandering is strong in them. In their younger days, getting away and risking death in order to find satisfaction was easy. Soon enough though, they met a partner and raised a family; putting an end to action and family adventure.

Giving up on action and adventure need not be necessary just because you are now responsible for a family. There are many places where the whole family can find thrills. Now, you may not all be able to climb to the peak of Mount Everest, but there is great fun to be had.

Family Adventure – 5 great action and adventure holiday ideas

family adventure
Photo by: MJC Rodez

Mount Snowdon
If you are lovers of the countryside, you could do far worse than booking a holiday in wales. There are huge rolling hills to be conquered, including the second highest peak in Britain, Mount Snowdon. The whole family can hike to the top at the pace of the slowest member. It is quite a breathtaking trek but well worth the ultimate sense of achievement.

Why not head of to Verbier, one of the best ski resorts in the world? There are ski chalets ideal for families and slopes for every ability. Ski lifts are well supplied, so the only thing anyone needs to worry about is making their way back down the mountains. Only an average level of fitness is required for leisurely gliding down the slopes with the aid of gravity. A skiing holiday isn’t all about the slopes; there is great food and a friendly social atmosphere to be enjoyed.

Log Rafting
If you love the great outdoors, Sweden is blessed with some of the most beautiful scenery on the planet, and it should be enjoyed. There are companies that will provide you with spruce logs, rope, and instruction to build your own raft. When the raft adventure is complete, you will be given camping gear before setting off down the Klaralven river. On your sixty mile journey, you will be able to stop where you want and camp overnight on the banks. This is an awesome adventure for the whole family.

Cowboy Adventure
Ride horses along the same trails that were used by cowboys of the wild west back in the good old days. Then hike through the grand canyon and check out some of the abandoned ghost towns that are the relics of the time of the great gold rush. For this holiday, the family needs to be fairly fit. The scenery along the trails is simply breathtaking, and though there may not be any exciting nightlife during the ride and hike, the journey finishes at Las Vegas. There is no place in the world that can equal the entertainment provided here where money changes hands at lightening speeds.

Take your family to Botswana where they can get up close with Africa’s greatest wild beasts and truly appreciate their awesome power. Safari parks here, at home, don’t come anywhere close to the excitement of seeing the animals in their natural habitat.

Hopefully, you have found an idea here, that you would like to take away and think about for this years family holiday. The adventure should never end.

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