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Family Activities to Try in Cancun for Nature Lovers

Located in the Yucatán peninsula of Mexico, Cancun ranks high in the beetles of travelers, and for good reasons. It has become one of the most popular travel destinations in the world and gets more than 3 million visitors every year. The Yucatán Peninsula boasts unique outdoor attractions for savvy adventurers and nature lovers.Cancun ranks high in the beetles of travelers.Here are popular things to do in Cancun for Nature Lovers with your family and great memories.

Cancun for Nature Lovers

It is a perfect destination for a family because of those stunning beaches and historical sites and the endless nature-filled activities to enjoy by the whole family. Families can choose from a wide of things and activities and have endless fun and adventure. What is even better is that one can indulge in eco-friendly activities and do their bit for the preservation and sustainability of the environment. Ecotourism is all about planning a responsible holiday without harming the natural areas and the planet.

Nature Friendly Things to Do in Cancun

Here are some of the popular things to do in Cancun with your family and come back with some great memories.

  • Visit Punta Laguna Nature Reserve, which is a key community-run ecotourism attraction in Cancun. Explore the National Protected Area, which is spread across 5367 hectares and is home to spider monkeys as well as numerous tropical bird species. Look forward to hiking, rappelling, canoeing with your family.
  • Enjoy a zip line tour through the Mayan jungle with kids or ride ATVs for more fun and adventure. This family-friendly activity is simply great for everyone but makes sure that the kids are at least six years or older and comfortable with the idea.
  • Isla Pájaros, also known as a Bird Island, is popular for birdwatching and is just 20 minutes away from Cancun if you take the ferry. Explore the sleepy, remote fishing village, which is a must-see for every nature lover. The whole family is sure to enjoy the experience of walking through the observation points and walkways on the picturesque lagoon. There are more than 150 distinct species of birds to spot here.
  • Enjoy Cancun snorkeling tours if your family loves water activities. The family-friendly snorkeling tours in Cancun are just perfect for even those with little experience. The youngest member of your family should be at least seven years of age to snorkel. Explore the colorful marine life and discover the underwater statues, El Meco coral reef, and underwater shipwreck. Enjoy the activity to the full and swim with the turtles.
  • Explore the remote and unspoiled Isla Contoy Island, which has been protected since 1961. The national park is a must for every nature lover to visit as there are thousands of different species of birds as well as several species of sea turtles on the island. It is best to take a guided walking tour by one of the local biologists to learn about the conservation initiatives.
  • Another exciting activity to do in Cancun with children is going to the Xcaret Eco Park. Located just outside of Playa del Carmen, the eco-conservation park is full of ruins, beaches, and trails, plus a large number of animal attractions in their natural habitats in the Yucatan region. As children love animals, aquariums, birds, and marine life, it is a perfect idea to go with your family. You can even swim, snorkel, and float in an underground river in Xcaret.

The above-listed ideas are just some of the few to explore with your family if you are a nature and adventure lover. Explore and enjoy the Cancun attractions featured on this page, and you are sure to return again and again to explore the Yucatan Peninsula. Get ready for some spectacular sightings and amazing experiences in Cancun and create some beautiful memories of a lifetime.

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