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Travel Information and Interesting Facts about Sitges in Spain

Sitges in Spain is one of those towns where the beach is so close that you can hear the wave from almost every corner of the city. Located in Catalonia, a region in the northeast of Spain. Sitges is famous among tourists due to its proximity to Barcelona and for its Film Festival and Carnivals. Also, there are many beautiful beaches in Sitges, nightlife and a lot of historical sites!

Sitges in Spain

This town has an incredible amount of activities and is safe for children, it’s a great travel destination for a family. Plus, it’s really close to Barcelona, so you can take a road trip and take a look at the fantastic architecture of Antoni Gaudí.

Facts about Sitges, Spain

Whichever country I travel to, I like to do good research first, and Sitges Catalonia has many interesting facts to talk about. Besides having great beaches and nightlife, this town has an unbelievable cultural life.

  • The first beach bar in Spain opened in Sitges. Located at Paseo Ribera de Sitges, the bar “El Chiringuito” opened in 1913, and it is still open for anyone that’s up for a drink.
  • Sitges is located in the heart of the Penedes wine region. This wine region is famous for cava – the delicious Spanish sparkling wine. Enjoy a day out wine tasting.
  • Bacardi Rum was founded by a Sitges family. The Bacardi logo is a bat, and in this town, a bat means good fortune. Facundo Bacardi was born in Sitges and then moved to Cuba, where he started his rum journey. You can visit his home, which was turned into a museum.
  • Sitges is home to the very first racing circuit in Spain. The Terramar Racetrack opened in 1923 and was the first circuit in the country and the oldest in Europe. Unfortunately, it has been out of use since the ’50.

Travel Information About Sitges

There are a lot of pros to traveling to Sitges. From the carnival to the film festival that takes place here. And the activities, this town will not let anyone down.

By the name of Festival Internacional de Catalunya, it is one of the most important festivals in Spain today. It’s also the 1st festival of its kind, giving full support to fantasy and horror films. Many great directors and amateur directors have made their way to the Sitges Film Festival. If you plan to attend the festival, it usually takes place in October.

The Sitges Carnival is a great, colorful celebration that takes place in almost the whole country and many others. In Spain, the carnival is celebrated from February to early March, before Lent.

The best time to go to Sitges is from May to October.

Where to Stay in Sitges

Besides the history, the film, and the trendy nightlife, Sitges is a beach town and would be a waste not taking advantage of it. So, your best bet is to rent a villa in Sitges, one that’s close to the sea, where you can relax and enjoy the sound of the waves.

This is the best way you can enjoy your travel to Sitges and the activities that are waiting for you.

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