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Interesting Facts About Morocco Culture

Morocco is an amazing place to travel to, it’s an enchanting country with so many desert-like places to explore. With a diverse history and a very rich culture, Morocco is a magical land. From the Sahara to the atlas mountains, its landscapes have influenced those how have been traveling here. For example, inspired the writings of Edith Wharton, also you can find its influence on cuisine all over the world. Morocco is an amazing place to travel to.That’s why I wanted to write about the Facts About Morocco Culture.

To give you a better image, Morocco is so exotic, you can find goats climbing argan tree, colorful patterns decor the surroundings from textiles to architecture and art. The country is located in the North of Africa across the Strait of Gibraltar in Spain. It is well known that Morocco is primarily mountain terrain, there is also a lot of deserts, palm trees decorate the landscape of the country. You will notice this mystical charm in the air that will leave you speechless, from Casablanca to Marrakech, Fez to Ouarzazate. You can find a lot of friendly people and scenic landscapes everywhere here!

Facts About Morocco Culture

Interesting Cultural Facts About Morocco

The best way to learn about the culture is actually going there. But blogs are really helpful, don’t miss anything with the orange atlas. Morocco is so diverse, old, and beautiful that its culture is so deep, but here are some cultural facts about Morocco.

  • Morocco is a country of many bygone cities like Volubilis
  • Henna tattoos practiced in Morocco is 5.000 years old
  • Wood and Metal objects are crafted amazingly beautiful, it’s art!
  • Morocco neighborhoods are filled with a cultural mix of berbers gnawa and jews.
  • The main cultures are Berber and Arab but you can find traces of French, Roman, Jewish, Spanish
  • one of the oldest human sculptures were discovered in Morocco
  • The predominant language is Arabic (official), Berber dialects, and French.
  • Morocco is the largest exporter of sardines in the entire world
  • Its national animal is the Barbary Lion
  • Is home to one of the biggest mosques in the world
  • Have a whole valley dedicated to roses
  • Morocco is home to The World’s Oldest Continually Operating University
  • The main dish in the country is Couscous Moroccan.
  • Morocco has Ski Resorts, yeah, there’s snow there
  • The country is flooded with cats!!!! Cats have long been an important part of the culture and everyday lifestyle

As you can see, Morocco is an amazingly diverse country with so many interesting things to do and visit. Don’t miss a country like this and pay you a visit to the country! Morocco is somewhat safe and stable, is one of the most flexible of the Arab countries, so there arent many bad things or cons about traveling to Morocco.

This is it, some cultural facts about Morocco! I’m sure there plenty more facts but those are the most interesting!

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