13 Thrilling Facts About White Lipped Peccary in Guatemala

Most people think of Guatemala travel as a chance to see cute monkeys. And it is true, you will find them everywhere, but there are also tons of other species that you can find in Guatemala. This cute animal is one of them, here are interesting facts about white-lipped peccary.

White-lipped Peccaries are the big and aggressive brothers of the collared peccary. They live in Central and South America. This species typically prefers dense, humid tropical forests, usually with primary growth, although their habitat includes dry savannas and tropical dry forests.

If you are looking to go on a vacation to Guatemala to see some wildlife, why not learn a few thrilling Facts About White Lipped Peccary.

a White Lipped Peccary sleeping on the ground

Facts About White Lipped Peccary

1. The white-lipped peccary is widely considered the most dangerous peccary. As mentioned before, this is a very aggressive species. Some have even killed animals like jaguars when trying to defend themselves. But there is no need to feel scared of them. They tend to be pretty relaxed if they don’t feel threatened.

2. The pelage of the white-lipped peccary is an overall dark reddish-brown or black, with each hair being two-toned: light at the base, and then dark.

3. Although not immediately endangered it is threatened by deforestation and increased hunting pressure. This species is economically important, and one of the principal species for neo-tropical hunters.

4. It is an omnivorous animal which means it feeds on fruits, roots, tubers, palm nuts, grasses, and invertebrates. But they will always prefer or try to get fruits over anything else.

5. The white-lipped peccary doesn’t have a specific breeding season. They breed throughout the year. In Guatemala, you can see a peak in their breeding rituals between February and July.

a White Lipped Peccary and her baby

6. Reported measurements are body length between 90 and 140 cm, shoulder height 40-60 cm, and body weight 50-80 pounds. So they are pretty big.

7. They are mammals and 156 to 162 days is the gestation period. The great majority of births are twins, although occasionally a single or triplets are born.

8. The white-lipped peccary lives in large herds of 50 to 300+ individuals, though there have been reported sightings of up to 2,000 individuals.

9. White-lipped peccaries are social animals. They love to live in large groups. They can be formed by 20 to 300 individuals.

10. The peccary is thought to be extinct in El Salvador and Uruguay, but it still thrives in most of the dense tropical forests of most Central and South America.

11. If you want to improve your chances of seeing one, take nature tours in the areas where they are seen during the morning hours. That is when they are most active and searching for food.

12. Carnivores like Jaguar used to be their main predators, but humans with deforestation and hunting have taken that place.

13. Because they live in such large groups, they needed a way to recognize other members. So they developed a scent gland on their backs, that allows them to bond and recognize each other.

Do you know of any other interesting facts about white Lipped Peccary? Share them so we can keep learning.

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13 Thrilling Facts About White Lipped Peccary

Last Updated on June 10, 2022

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