8 Thrilling Facts About The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

Ok, so we have all heard that Sea turtles are on their way to be extinct, even the Olive Ridley Sea Turtles are known for having the largest population around the globe. They love open ocean inhabitants, so you will never see them near reefs. In Guatemala, they can be seen nesting in Monterrico. That’s why I have gathered incredible facts about Olive Ridley Sea Turtle.

Sea turtles are amazing and endangered animals you can find in Guatemala, they have specific nesting times, so if you want to see one of those animals you need to be prepared, talk to some tours, and plan your eco-friendly trip based on that. It’s an amazing experience every wildlife watcher should live.

But, I bet you didn’t know these thrilling details:

Facts About The Olive Ridley Sea Turtle

1. These sea turtles have an average weight of just over 100 lb.

2. Their favorite food is crabs, shrimp, rock lobsters, seagrasses, algae, snails, fish, sessile and small invertebrates.

3. They make an amazing trip across the ocean from the Atlantic Ocean to return to nest on the same beach they are born.

4. They get their names after the olive-green color of its heart-shaped shell.

6. In Monterrico Guatemala, a couple of organizations work together motored by ARCAS to reduce the egg removal rate in this area (which by the way is 99.9%) by asking the local collectors a donation.

7. The olive ridley turtle nesting season happens in Guatemala’s rainy season, peaking in September, but low nesting (2-4 turtles per night) occurs throughout the year.

8. There are no arrivals on Guatemala’s coasts due to the excessive commercialization of their eggs.

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Bonus: Leatherback turtles are much rarer than olive Ridley in Guatemala’s coasts. Their nesting occurs in November and December, but only 2-3 turtles arrive at the nest per night.

Last Updated on May 30, 2022

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