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Extraordinary Holiday Home Transformations to Visit

There are a number of breathtaking locations across Europe that are a must as holiday destinations. Many people have transformed different properties into incredible holiday homes and even then rent them out to the public. Here we cover three of these extraordinary transformations. Three of the top Holiday Homes from around the world that you can visit.Take a look at this list of Holiday Home Transformations to Visit.

holiday home transformations to visit

Hamburg, Germany – WWII Bunker Loft 

This self-catering holiday apartment is available for rent in the heart of Hamburg’s Ottensen neighborhood. It was originally a WWII air raid shelter that was built in 1939 to help protect the maternity hospital nearby. The new owners completely transformed this into the property it now is today. They stated it needed a lot of imagination as it was a mess when purchased. New properties sometimes need the best composite door manufacturers to help them create the desired home, and this can make all the difference. 

 Fleinvær, Norway  The Arctic hideaway 

Located within the Arctic circle, these nine Norwegian holiday homes provide a breath taking getaway for visitors. Founded by Musician, Havard Lund, these homes sit atop angled steel feet. They can home up to 12 guests at a time and are a popular choice of destinations for artists around the world. These luxurious homes also include a sauna as well as the usual Kitchen and sleeping facilities.  

Branik, Slovenia – Villa Mravljevi 

An early 19th century farmhouse that transformed into this picturesque venue. This Slovenian holiday home provides stunning views with an installed glass wall in the open plan living area. This gives these great views of Karst Plateau. Despite its revamp it still has its traces of the original rustic past. This is a popular choice for many traveling tourists to the area. 

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