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Things to Do in London – Exploring London’s Famous Fitzrovia

The glamorous Fitzrovia is described as an urban village with a history that is bohemian. A district in Central London near London’s West End, this central London’s neighborhood is situated between Bloomsbury and Marylebone.Five of the most amazing places to visit in the Fitzrovia neighborhood. Things to do in London.This article is a travel guide of London.

The neighborhood is characterized by retail, business, education and healthcare activities. Home to celebrities like Virginia Woolf and George Bernard, the peaceful and beautiful Fitzrovia boasts of beautiful streets lined with Edwardian-era apartments, Neoclassical mansions, and warehouses. Several media organizations, pubs, cafes and restaurants are dotted in this area. There are wide streets lined with tall buildings and side passages. Fitzrovia rightly offers an assortment of architectural styles from the eighteenth century to the current times.

Things to Do in London – Attractions of Fitzrovia

Alison Jacques Gallery

Things to Do in London - Attractions of Fitzrovia

Alison Jacques Gallery was opened in the year 2007. Gallerist Alison Jacques worked for the British School at Rome before she opened her first London space in Mayfair town house in the year 2004. Later she retreated to a 3600 square foot space in Fitzrovia. Some of the artists that the gallery represented include StefDriesen, Robert Mapplethorpe and Tom Stoner.

Pollock’s toy Museum

Things to Do in London - Attractions of Fitzrovia - Pollock's museum

Pollock’s toy Museum is a small museum in London which started in the year 1956 in a single attic room. It is named after Benjamin Pollock, a printer of Victorian toy theaters. The museum boasts of a range of toys from all parts of the world. You can see various kinds of dolls, a Victorian nursery, tin toys and folk toys.

Royal Institute of British Architects

Things to Do in London - Attractions of Fitzrovia - Royal Institute of British Architects

The Royal Institute of British Architects is a professional organization for architects internationally. It exemplifies the combination of old and modern architecture. RIBA is only five minutes from Oxford Circus and provides an excellent dining experience. The menu is modern European by Michelin-starred chef David Cavalier.
Come over, soak in the fine architectural delights inside the building or enjoy being outdoors of this Grade II-listed building.

Things to do in London Spectrum Fine Art

Breaking Out - The Slum (Episode 6) - Spectrum Fine Art

The brainchild of Benn Linnell and David Roberts, Spectrum Fine Art offers original graphics (serigraphs, etchings, lithographs ) along with works of art (oil paintings, watercolors) and also fine art crafts. The gallery is located in the heart of the West End and aims to promote young British artists.
Pilar Corrias Gallery

Pilar Corrias Gallery by Pilar Corrias, famous socialite and gallerist is a modern commercial gallery. The building was previously a leather showroom with high ceilings and moveable walls that accommodate monolithic artwork.

Things to do in London BBC Broadcasting House

Things to do in london - BBC Broadcasting House

An exemplary building in Portland, Broadcasting House was built in the year 1932 in an art deco design with a facing of Portland stone over a steel frame.

Fitzrovia is a peaceful neighborhood with a unique charm. From a traveler’s perspective, it is an excellent play to stay in London. It is mainly residential and houses some of the top hotels like The Langham. For those who like to stay in comfortable serviced apartments, Fitzrovia offers a lot of options. Places, where you can eat, are Lantana, Benito’s Hat, Villandry and Salt Yard.

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