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Exploring Eastern Europe: The Top Things to Do in Georgia

Architectural evidence dating back 1.8 million years suggests that Georgia was the home of the earliest Europeans.If you are looking for places to visit in Europe take a look at this list of five of the Best Things to Do in Georgia during Europe travel

However, few people had heard of the country called Georgia until their rugby team made an appearance in the Rugby World Cup of 2003. Since then, travelers have unearthed many more interesting Georgia attractions in this small country nestled at the juncture of Europe and Asia.

Read on to find out more about some of the amazing things to do in Georgia.

Things to Do in Georgia

A Snapshot of Things to Do in Georgia

Georgia has an intercontinental location at the juncture of Europe and Asia, which makes for an interesting cultural mix.

It is also bordered by the Black Sea, and the northern edge of the Caucasus Mountains. So you’ll find no shortage of cultural as well as outdoor attractions everywhere you go.

Whether you choose to go it alone or take advantage of custom vacation packages to this interesting country, the following iconic destinations belong on your itinerary.


Georgia’s capital is a wonderful mishmash of old and new. Here, glittering modern structures butt up against ancient treasures and you’ll find something to catch your eye around every turn.

Take the cable car for a breathtaking view of this interesting city before hitting the streets of Old Town in search of forts, parks, and puppet shows. Be sure to try a relaxing sulfur bath and hunt down some of the delicious traditional candy at the market too.


You’ll find hundreds of ancient watchtowers perched among the Caucasian Mountains at Svaneti. Take a tour to see these amazing medieval constructions and find out why they’re there.

Then, hike along one of the routes in the area traversing mountains, farmlands, and forests dotted with tiny villages.

Vardzia Cave City

Designed as a hideaway from marauding Mongol hordes, the Vardzia Caves meander through Erusheli mountain, in the south of Georgia.

This incredible feat of engineering features 13 levels, 16 000 apartments, a church, a bell tower, and a throne room.

Historic Wines

No trip to Georgia is complete without trying some of the wine. France may be famous for mastering the fruit of the vine, but the Georgians invented it around 8,000 years ago.

See how it’s done old-style using clay jars called ‘qveri’ to bend local grapes to the will of the winemaker along Georgia’s wine route. You’ll also get to see glorious historic wine estates, and indulge in local cookery classes while you’re in the area.

Naturally, there’s a lot of sipping and sampling involved along the way.

Batumi Beach

The pebble beach at Batumi on the Black Sea is your answer to the summer heat while spending time in this vacation town. Take a stroll along the 4-mile boulevard, stopping off at shops, restaurants, and pubs along the way.

There’s a huge statue of Ali and Nino, Georgia’s answer to Romeo and Juliet, on the waterfront. At night the figures come to life and start to move towards each other. Stay late and see what happens.

The glorious sunset heralds the dawn of Batumi nightlife. Join the locals to dance the night away in nightclubs dotted along this action-packed strip.

Get Moving

A travel agent will be able to fill you in on more don’t-miss attractions. You can also lookup Georgia Tourism for extra information on things to do in Georgia.

For more inspiration on making the most of your world travels, keep reading my blog.

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