Exploring Costa Rica’s Hidden Islands: A Tropical Escape

Costa Rica is most renowned for its gorgeous beaches, abundant wildlife, and diverse scenery. Visitors may fly into the trendy metropolis of San Jose one day and then spend the next day zip-lining in a nearby forest or relaxing next to gorgeous blue seas.

Many of these popular beach resorts also have little, little-known islands off their coastlines. From abandoned maximum-security prisons to national parks and perhaps haunting cemeteries, don’t miss these five islands on your next vacation to Costa Rica! 

Exploring Costa Rica's Hidden Islands
Costa Rica is most renowned for its gorgeous beaches, abundant wildlife, and diverse scenery.

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Isla de Caño

Explore underwater life, view coral reefs up close, meet a huge sea turtle or dolphin––all this can be done on Isla de Caño. The island invites you to bask on its beautiful beaches and will intrigue anyone with mysterious stone balls––petrospheres.

The place is unique in that there are practically no species of animals that live on the mainland. Insects reign on Isla de Caño. Magnificent butterflies, bizarre beetles, bees, and mosquitoes have settled here. Possums are found, and egrets have chosen the island over birds.

Isla de Caño is now recognized as a national park and is protected by rangers. They patrol its territory and stop any violations. In particular, it is prohibited to export marine flora and fauna from the island. 

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Isla Tortuga

For travelers who want to go on a trip easier, Isla Tortuga is the perfect place. Found near the beach town of Montezuma in Costa Rica, Isla Tortuga is a little island. It has white sandy beaches and blue ocean waters that are clear to see.

People who go to Isla Tortuga can have fun doing many things, like swimming with goggles, kayaking in boats, and looking for rare treasures on the beach. Remember that it is always a good idea to share amazing pictures with your friends on social media. An eSIM card makes this possible and convenient from anywhere.

To get to Isla Tortuga, you have to take a boat from Montezuma. Different companies arrange trips for one day on the island. With a virtual SIM card, you can visit their websites and check the timetable. 

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Isla del Coco

Visiting the uninhabited Isla del Coco is a unique opportunity to enter the small and unique circle of people who did it, as this island is included in the “Top 10 uninhabited islands to visit in the world.” Numerous islands around the world are called Coconut Islands, but if you mention Isla del Coco to experienced divers, they will surely understand what you are talking about.

To get to Isla del Coco in Costa Rica, you need to use the services of local tour operators who organize expeditions to the island. Usually, such expeditions start from the city of Puntarenas on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Tourists can choose between several modes of transport, including boats and helicopters. In addition, to visit the island, you must obtain a special permit from the Coconut National Park, which is located on the island.

Isla del Coco is an ideal place for diving. Diving is only possible during dive safaris that depart from the Costa Rican port of Puntarenas. The duration of the trip to the island is about 36 hours, and there are few anchorages there. The most popular ones are organized in Chatham and Waifer bays, and dives are made directly from zodiacs or small boats.

costa rica's hidden islands
Costa Rica’s hidden islands give a special and never-to-be-forgotten break from the mainland.

Isla Damas

Damas Island, only 10 minutes from Manuel Antonio, is one of Costa Rica’s most significant conserved mangroves. It is a small island popular with tourists for boating. It attracts with its diversity of the animal world.

The island is only 6 kilometers long and is covered with mangrove forests. During the tour, visitors to the island have the opportunity to see pale monkeys, giant anteaters, three-toed sloths, alligators, boas, crabs, and raccoons, as well as many exotic birds. 

It is no less interesting to observe the mysterious and intriguing landscape of the most secretive parts of the island. If you want to explore the hidden part of the island alone, ensure that your SIM card for travel is activated and that you can easily use it.

Exploring Costa Rica's Hidden Islands: A Tropical Escape
Be sure no to miss visiting at least one or even all of the five islands listed in this article on your next vacation to Costa Rica

Isla San Lucas

Isla San Lucas used to be a prison on the Pacific coast of Costa Rica in the Gulf of Nicoya. Now it has become a national park. The island’s jail was famous for being very tough and rough with prisoners. Now, people can learn about the island’s past and enjoy nature when they come to visit today.

People who go to Isla San Lucas can join a tour of the island’s old prison, which is kept as it was for others to see. The tour shows a look at the island’s bad past and the lives of the prisoners who were once kept there. People who visit the island can also hike on trails through its rainforest. This will let them see some incredible views around them.

Costa Rica’s hidden islands give a special and never-to-be-forgotten break from the mainland. Moreover, to make your journey even more breathtaking, consider visiting the magnificent trio; while in that region, you have a brilliant opportunity to visit Panama, Costa Rica, and Nicaragua.

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