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Explore Bali, a Young Tourist’s Paradise

Southeast Asia has a reputation for being one of, if not the, best regions in the world for backpackers and young travellers. The Asian subregion is home to an endless myriad of locales and islands, each with its own unique cultures, foods, and locations worth exploring.

This article is about one island in particular: Bali. This island is not only a popular East Asian travel destination, but Bali is also revered as one of the top holiday spots across the globe. Not only does the region feature some incredibly breath-taking spectacles of mother nature, but Bali’s economy is also predominantly centred around tourism.

By most contemporary estimates, more than half of the island’s entire population is involved in the tourism industry. What this means for travellers is that they get to enjoy the benefits of vacationing in a place that has been, from the ground up, designed for the purpose of giving foreigners the best experience possible.

The Nightlife 

Bali has a sterling reputation for being host to some of the most high-class and exhilarating raves and parties you could ever come across in Southeast Asia – and it happens all year round! Bali is an island that never sleeps; after midnight, night clubs along the coast will stay open until the late hours of the morning to keep the party going for young travellers looking for a wild time.

 If you were hoping for a more elegant nightlife experience, worry not for there are plenty of upscale bars with vivacious company to visit on the island as well. No matter where you choose to go, however, there will always be a stunning selection of drinks on offer. The cocktails whipped up over in Bali are so good that they are of pop cultural significance! 

If you are a more easy-going traveller looking for a more relaxing source of social entertainment, Bali has smaller, casual spots perfect for low-octane fun. Honestly, what Bali offers in terms of nightlife entertainment varies as much as tourists do themselves – you are guaranteed to find a spot perfect for you, even if you just want to kick back and enjoy casino pokies online.

The Food

From Bali’s rich culture and heritage comes some of the most fantastic local cuisines in all of Southeast Asia. You will find some of the most unique and flavourful rice dishes in the world along with succulent meat options of all kinds wherever you go on this big island.

One particular dish called babi guling is something that any meat-eating tourist in Bali is encouraged to try at least once. The dish consists of one whole pig given flavour by a rich marinade of the signature spices found in Bali.

The best thing about Bali is that you get to enjoy this kind of food, much like the nightlife, without having to spend a lot of money. Bali is one of the best places to travel and experience all there is on offer whilst remaining on a budget.

Travel to Bali

If you are looking for a cheap but exciting Travel experience as a young adult, look no further than the beautiful beaches of Bali!

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