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Expert Tips on How to Travel Headache-Free

Are you planning your next business trip? Maybe you are getting ready to spread your wings as an exchange student, or preparing for the vacation trip of a lifetime. We’ve gathered some advice to help you with any travel plans. Whether you’re planning on heading to Africa to safari or Thailand to see unique culture, there’s no shortage of travel tips for you. Keep reading to hear the tips from the pros on how to avoid turbulence and travel headache free.

Travel Pitfalls

We’ve all heard horror stories about traveling pitfalls. Airports can be particularly hard to deal with. Whether it’s long queues, red tape at customs, lost luggage, or even theft, airports are a significant hurdle to overcome for hassle free travel. Fortunately, there are myriads of true-and-tried tips that can help you avoid the nightmares and ensure that your trip really is a dream come true.

Top Travel Recommendations

How to Travel Headache Free

Here are some of the top travel recommendations from the experts. Note these are in no particular order:

  • Do your homework to get an estimated cost of all expected expenditures. Be sure to include necessities such as airfare, food, and land transportation, as well as leisure and entertainment. Set a firm budget and stick to it just as firmly! Be aware that your preferences for accommodation will affect your budget in a big way. Knowing your bottom line budget will take a load off your mind. It will help you enjoy your vacation more by worrying less about money.
  • For an extended trip such as a Sabbatical or a year of study abroad, reserve airline tickets and hotel rooms in advance. Not only to avoid hassles of unavailability later on but to save money. For all trips, another way to get the best price is to travel off-season (aka the low season) when more discounts are available. When the sightseeing crowds thin, the prices go down.
  • Did you know that you can save hundreds of dollars by opting for a flight with a stop-over instead of flying directly to your destination? It may take a little longer to arrive, but it will save you money and perhaps allow you to quickly explore another place on the map. Alternatively, midweek flights are great money savers compared to flying on the weekend.
  • You can significantly cut costs by purchasing tickets online. There has been a proliferation of websites competing to offer you the most compelling deals and discounts. These obviously make life easier for travelers worldwide. These websites are designed to help you compare and contrast costs. Finally, the internet is your go-to resource for last-minute airfare deals, where the 411 is posted long before it reaches your local travel agent.
  • Airline luggage rules are often quite limiting. Be sure to know what the policies say regarding your luggage size and weight. If you want to avoid that hassle, consider the modern option of a professional Luggage Delivery Company. Instead of relying on airlines for your belongings, hire an expert. Specialized shippers provide door-to-door service from your place of departure to your final destination. You can book online in a matter of moments and keep tabs on your bags with advanced real-time tracking. Your airport time is cut short, (your back will thank you!), and your vacation starts the moment you disembark from the plane.
  • Avoid carrying around too much cash or any cash at all. Instead, opt for traveler’s checks, an international credit card, or a debit card. Likewise, for safety reasons, keep your wallet and any important documents in your carry-on rather than your check-in luggage.

Travel Beware

If the notion of headache-free travel appeals to you, here are some potential “buyer beware” areas you should be aware of.

  • Beware of purchasing cheap online airline tickets if you may have to cancel or change your travel date. When you book a flight online, cancellation rates tend to be higher and you may not get the same rate – or may have to shell out significantly more – for a new booking.
  • Beware of travel scams: Both the FBI and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) have issued public warnings of travel scams ahead of the 2021 holiday season. With so many eager beavers looking for deals on flights for vacations or visits home, scam artists are busy at work, ready to take advantage at every opportunity. To avoid becoming a victim, follow these up-to-the-minute tips from the BBB and Federal Trade Commission:
  • Reject robocalls. If you answer your phone to an automated message with a travel tip or deal, hang up.
  • Beware of unsolicited emails and text messages from unknown sources. Ignore and delete.
  • Do your research thoroughly before investing in a travel service. Look up reviews and ratings to see if other customers were satisfied.
  • Always ask about cancellation and refund policies and get the policies in writing.
  • Ideally, pay with a protected credit card versus a debit card, check, or your hard-earn cash.
  • Finally, as the familiar adage goes: If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is…

Best of Luck and Bon Voyage!

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