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Experiential Tourism and Things to Do in Cusco Peru

Experiential tourism has been one of the prominent options in the travel industry these days where you would take n active and engaging part in a country and its ethnicity. Also referred to as Immersion travel, regions like Peru and the Caribbean make it a point to showcase it as one of the best options you can witness.Information about the top experiential things to do in Cusco if you are looking for meaningful activities and tours in Peru.

Things to Do in Cusco Peru

4 Things to Do in Cusco Peru

Cusco region in Peru is home to several diverse communities. The cultural richness the country stands for is indeed one of the best options. In fact, 80 per cent the Peruvian tourism is all about Experiential variety, while the rest 20 per cent belongs to the adventure genre.

You can decide to go into the Amazon or choose the option to experience a life in a pre-Inca era. You can indeed experience the customs, traditions and effects far etched in the Peruvian culture.

Here are a few excellent activities that you can indulge in experiential tourism in Cusco Peru

Things to Do in Cusco Peru


Arts and crafts have always been a salient part of the culture of Peru. Of course, Inca made it a great art destination, but the artistic nature has been intrinsic to Peru in general and Cusco in particular. One of the best examples of this can be colorful and artful garments from the wool of alpacas, llamas and sheep. There are several other handmade carvings and jewellery. You can try your hand through the cultural tour that can span half day, full day or even more than a day.


Cusco has witnessed a mixture of cultures. That should perhaps explain the richness of Peruvian cuisine. In fact, it has been a globally renowned food culture. The Pachamanca style of cooking has been one of the prime styles of ancient cooking. If you think you love it, you can try learning the technique. Peruvian cuisine is all about experimenting with different combinations. The major constituents of Peru culture include meat, potatoes, quinoa, alpaca, maize and guinea pig.

Things to Do in Cusco Peru

Music and Dance

Peru is all about enjoying your dance and music. The region is known for Andean music which basically makes use of flutes and panpipes. In fact, Peru has a history of creating wonderful music with sea shells, reeds and animal bones. Peru has gone through a host of cultures and ethnicity, and it shows off itself in its folklore. There are multiple musical cultures, like Spanish influence can be witnessed in its music and culture. Why not indulge in a pure synergy of the Peruvian music and dance all through your stay in Peru?


This is yet another area that Peru shows off a mixed culture and its effects. Of course, you would find the Christian influence everywhere in Peru. However, before the Spaniards brought Christianity to Peru around 500 years ago, the Inca people here practiced a deeper spiritualism. They found everything worth worshipping – sun, mountain peaks, stones and practically everything around. The current culture of Peru is now labelled Syncretism. It forms a mixture of Inca beliefs and Christian values. Just like food, dance and rest of the culture, you would find a synchronized culture in terms of religion as well.

Cusco – The Perfect Peruvian Region to witness Peruvian Culture

Peru is the largest Spanish Viceroyalty colonies in the Americas and the exciting sync that has with both the vintage culture and European influence. Cusco is the major touristic attraction in Peru if you are someone planning to understand Peru in a finer detail. It is the home to some of the wonderful archaeological points of interest that include Machu Picchu, Ollantaytambo, Sacsayhuaman, Pisac, Choquequirao and Raqchi.

The culture here, like we stated already, is a perfect combination of a huge influence of multiple cultures. The original Inca civilization, the Spanish conquests, and the later settlers like Japanese, Chinese and other Europeans – all of them have become one with a unique culture that shows off a huge diversity.

The three major communities in Cusco, Peru, have opened their doors for the Experiential Tourism. They let the pilgrims and tourists share their daily lifestyle as part of the tourism initiative. You can opt for great options like getting involved with the communities in farming activities, festivals and rituals and being one with the nature.

Get involved with the culture of a huge number of communities. Choose between Amaru, Huilloc, Rumira Sondormayo, and Chacan, to name just a few. Soak yourself in the ancestral land of the Incas and enjoy and be one with the community of your choice. Akin to going back in time, you would indeed love the experience of experiencing the world as it was originally created!

Get in touch with your favorite tourism operator today and get the best ever experience of witnessing the wonderful world of our ancestors.

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