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Experiencing the Caribbean

The only real problem with the Caribbean Islands is the part when you have to leave. I’m sure no one complains about the array of beaches available to enjoy the hot sun, or the cultural charisma and friendliness of the locals. It’s not a big hassle if you’re in Central America, either. A flight from Mexico takes less than two hours.

You’ll find that half of the people will be tourists and travellers just like you. But don’t be tempted by the shining sun—all you’ll want to do is sit on the beach all day long. Don’t fall into the trap of wasting too much time on the Islands sunbathing. Here is your guide to experiencing the Caribbean Islands to the fullest.


Trinidad is widely known for its carnivals and festivals. But there is more to it than that. Places such as the Asa Wright Nature Centre are home to hundreds of species of exotic birds, bats, and lizards. You’ll be amazed at how many colors a single roof can mix in together. You’ll also find Caribbean indulgences spread out over Trinidad. Be sure to try out the fresh coconut water right from the shell. Just stop at any coconut stand—you’ll be able to split it open and eat it afterwards, too.

Shark is a cheap meat on the Islands, so you won’t be spending too much. Fried shark burgers taste delicious, and they’re found at almost every food stand in Trinidad.


Dominica is rich in culture and natural beauty that you rarely find anywhere else. It’s known as the ‘Nature Island’ for a reason. Don’t miss the visual sensation of thePapillote Tropical Gardens with luxurious and elegant Caribbean orchids and heliconias. Dominica is a heaven for photographers and artists alike with a range of nature and wildlife combined amongst hot and cold waterfalls and relaxing pools.

The Cayman Islands

Of course, we couldn’t leave out all the beaches! If you’re someone who doesn’t mind getting wet, go snorkelling in the Cayman Islands—you’ll find the cleanest and clearest water around this area. You can dive right from the shore and experience whole thing without a boat. You’ll end up spending a whole day on the Cayman beaches, so don’t get carried away. Get your outdoor tanning lotion on and get some color!


Cuba is the largest and most tourist-populated island in the Caribbean. You certainly have to visit Vinales Valley which has gained its reputation for being one of the most beautiful places in the Caribbean. It’s like you travelled back in time—a place free of modern day troubles and worries. The surreal and peaceful view is really something spectacular. The local residents are also nice and friendly and open to tourists of all backgrounds.

If you’re in the mood to walk, then certainly visit Old Havana to see real Cuban history in front of your eyes. You’ll find nice cafés all around this area, and nothing too expensive, either. The tropical plants and greenery combined with endless cultural music really puts your mind into a different high when you’re in Old Havana.

St Lucia

Just when you thought it wasn’t hot enough, St Lucia brings you the only Dive-in Volcano in the world! Bathe in the refreshing hot water pools filled with minerals that help your skin and make you look five years younger!

The thrill doesn’t end there—be sure to visit the Treetop Canopy Adventure Park. If you were in for the views, then it doesn’t get any better than this. The 12-line world-class zipline course will certainly get your adrenaline going. It’s not short of education, either, as you get told about the vegetation on the way up—only to quickly get tossed through a jungle. The thrill is unbelievable.

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