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How to Discover and Experience Yakiniku in Japan

For those who want to savor the delights of Japanese cuisine, Yakiniku indisputably holds a significant place in the list. Yakiniku, or for “Japanese grilled meat,” has long spread its fame across the world. How to Experience Yakiniku in Japan in the best way and learn more fun facts about it.Look at this guide on Experience Yakiniku in Japan.

But to get the authentic and incredible dining experience, you will need to find those comfortable and cozy restaurants in Japan.  

How to Discover and Experience Yakiniku in Japan

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The Journey to Experience Yakiniku in Japan

In the world of cuisine, Yakiniku is more than just another food experience. It is an art by itself, on both grilling and enjoying. To begin with, each restaurant and their styles vary from one place to another, but with basic knowledge, you would be at ease to feast. 

Initially inspired by Korean barbecue, Yakiniku, today, is unique in the way that the customers grill the meat themselves. In a Japanese-style Yakiniku restaurant, diners are served raw meat, cut into bite-sized slices along with seasonings, dipping sauces, and other small dishes. These tables are specially installed with charcoal burners or roasters with grills. 

How to Order Yakiniku 

Restaurants serving the best Yakiniku in Tokyo and other cities always have a Tabehodai or “all you can eat” menu. You will get a variety of options and get to eat as much as you can. In most eateries, there will be a tiered menu for the same, where the quality and cut varies with the different price levels. 

If you order by place, you choose the quantity and cut of meat. The cuts usually include the tongue, loin, kalbi, kalbi, skirt and you can choose from pork, chicken, beef and other meats. In top-notch restaurants, you can also find A4 or A5 grade beef, the highest class of Wagyu. 

It is almost necessary to mention Harumonyaki here, the grilling of offals, or essential parts such as intestines, heart, or liver, which, in fact, is a very famous cuisine specialty in Japan. 

Now, beware of how much you order; a few places would charge you for leftover meat. 

And don’t fret, you will also be provided with all the essential tools, including scissors and seasoning. 

Experience Yakiniku in Japan


Get Cooking!

The first step is indeed, patience. You want to wait for the griddle or grill to heat up sufficiently. The best way is to start with unseasoned meat and save the marinated meat for later. This way, you can keep the grill clean and avoid the sauce affecting the flavor of other ingredients. 

Take it slow by grilling one slice for each person at the table. Cooking too many pieces at once will not only take a long time but will cause the grill to lose heat. For the best quality and taste, grill with high heat for short duration. 

The Accompaniments

Yakiniku restaurants also serve some other incredible dishes that go well with grilled meat. Since Yakinuku has Korean roots, you will find a few Korean side dishes as well. Sangchu or Korean lettuce, Korean ramen, bibimbap, or vegetable dishes like kimchi and namul would all be available to order. 

You can also order from an assortment of soups such as Karubikuppa, Komutan, or the famed seaweed soup Wakame. The restaurants will also have a good variety of drinks, including beer, sake, and makgeolli. A few places would even offer an all-you-can-drink course along with the food. 

Yakiniku is a must-experience restaurant-style in Japan. With the bustling ambiance and the luscious smell of grilled meat, you will find yourself relinquishing every bite, wishing you had tried this earlier.

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