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How to Experience the World Without Leaving your Home with a Drone

Whether you are doing research to find out where to book your next holiday or you want to see the wonders of the world without leaving your home, technology has given us so much opportunity. You can now experience an aerial view of the Seattle skyline or take a bird’s eye view of Scottish Highlands. You can get the virtual reality of most destinations from drone video footage.How you can explore the world while staying at home using videos from drones.Take a look at this blog post to learn about drone details.

explore the world with a drone

7 places around the world that you can experience by drone:

Sydney Harbor Bridge – See the fantastic views of the bay from above the Sydney Harbor Bridge and get a close-up view of the Sydney Opera House from above. Experience these wonderful places in a short video clip to give you a feel for what you can expect. You can even view the famous New Year’s Eve Sydney Harbor fireworks display from drone footage for a spectacular insight into arguably the best fireworks display in the world.

Dubai – With the tallest building in the world and a number of enormous skyscrapers, a drone video of Dubai will give you an understanding of how unique Dubai is. Watch one of the many drone videos available on YouTube to decide whether it is the place for your next holiday or if you are interested in architecture, viewing by DrDrone is the best way to appreciate the iconic structures.

New York City – With one of the most magnificent skylines in the world, New York City is the perfect drone video opportunity. See the Brooklyn Bridge, Central Park, the Statue of Liberty and all of the other exciting attractions of the Big Apple.

Disneyland – Not sure if Disneyland is the right destination for your next family holiday? Nobody wants to spend a fortune on a holiday and then find that it wasn’t what they had expected it to be. Enjoy the virtual tour of Disneyland, from the theme parks to the evening shows to help you decide if it is worth the cost.

Paradise Island – Lots of destinations claim to offer a taste of paradise, and with a name like Paradise Island, that is exactly what you can expect. Nassau Bahamas can be experienced by drone video to let you judge whether it is paradise by your expectations.

Northern Lights – For an unbeatable view of the Northern Lights, watch one of the popular drone videos such as Eye of the Storm. Photos alone do not do the experience the justice that is deserved, but the video coverage will give you a better idea of what to expect.

Las Vegas – Always wondered what Vegas would be like but are worried that it may be a bit too wild? Why not take a drone tour of the Las Vega Strip so that you can decide for yourself whether you can cope with Vegas life.

Drone videos have brought us a great opportunity to research the places we may never see for ourselves or even help us to decide where to book next. Don’t book your next trip until you have had a virtual reality tour.

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