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Things to Do in Mexico – Experience Their Diverse Culture on a Budget

Mexico is a country that fuses together energetic cities, relaxing beaches and unforgiving desserts; which ultimately harness a rich history of Mayan, Aztec and indigenous civilizations. Visiting Mexico can guarantee an activity-filled holiday, in its attractions, cuisine and with simple exploration, even when seen on a budget.

If you can survive without some of the more lavish modes of luxury travel, it may mean you can see more of this exotic and diverse country, without having to spend a fortune. So here are a few Things to Do in Mexico to get started:

Things to Do in Mexico - Experience Their Diverse Culture on a Budget

Things to Do in Mexico – Experience the Country Budget

Photograph the Historical Center of Mexico City.

The main public plaza in Mexico City is known as Zocalo, which houses a rich history in its surrounding museums, cathedral, churches and most importantly, in its people. Walk amongst the street sellers, artists, musicians, outside the restaurants and cafes, photographing the spectacular presence of the Mexican culture, all for free.

Snorkel and Discover Mayan Ruins in Playa Del Carmen.

Water activities needn’t be expensive. Don’t spend your savings on expensive scuba outings and travel down to Solomon Bay to discover the sea life underwater, for free instead. Grab your snorkels and head down to the sea for an exploration in shallow waters; you’ll be surprised with what you find. Afterwards, visit Playa Del Carmen and walk along one of the many free beaches, whilst mingling with celebrities and locals alike. Then head towards the Playa Car Mayan Ruins, which are also free to walk around every day of the week. This is a great opportunity to learn more about the history of Mexico.

Glimpse Mexican Art and Artists Homes.

The Dolores Olmedo museum houses a collection of pieces gathered by the businesswoman, including those from the artists Frieda Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera. For a mere £3 entry you can browse folk and contemporary art in Mexico’s City center. Alternatively, you can visit the home of Frieda Kahlo in the outskirts of Mexico City in Coyoacan. The house is a magnificent feat, displaying bright blue cobalt walls, which symbolize the strength of Frieda Kahlo’s feministic folk art and strong intellect. It is the most visited museum in Mexico City and has an entry fee of £5.

Visit Free and Inexpensive Museums in Mexico City.

The Museo Palacio Cultural Banamex is a notable palace, built in the 18th century in a traditional baroque style, and it is just around the corner from the Zacola plaza in Mexico City. The building was originally built as a palace; however, it was also used as a convent during the 1600’s. Alternatively, the Franz Mayer museum houses the largest collection of Latin American arts from the 1500’s to the 1900’s, also displaying ceramics and silver. Entry to the Museo Palacio Cultural Banamex is only £1.70.

When you visit Mexico, you can comfortably take part in any of the above activities, without the need to stretch your wallet. Free and cheap exploration can most definitely be found if you are willing to research your destination and keep an eye out for last minute offers.

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