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Experience Thailand like a Local on Your Next Holiday

Having the opportunity to travel far and wide is something that many people would like to have, so if you do it is in your best interests to make the most of it. Some people reel off names of dozens of countries they have been to, but can’t give any real examples of authentic experiences they had during their travels. It is hard to imagine that a holiday resort would provide the same sort of amazing wonders as a less touristy location; yes there might be a choice of restaurants (usually “international cuisine”) and a few beautiful beaches – but what else is there?

That is why you should try and make your next trip abroad one that is much more authentic! This is especially true for places like Thailand – many tourists just follow the same beaten track. So if you’re headed there, go where the locals go and try foods that will make your taste buds feel alive once again. There is so much to gain from being an explorer and a lover of new experiences; it will provide far more memories and things to write home about.

Thailand in one picture
Photo By: Pimthida

3 things to keep in mind if you are due to travel to Thailand in the near future:

Leave the resort
The first thing you will need to be brave about is leaving the resort centre. Holiday resorts are the equivalent of a little safe cocoon, just based in a foreign country. They exist to make money by pleasing the masses, but this can leave you feeling more like an open purse than an intrepid traveller. If you really want to see the world, you need to jump in with both feet. Get on a bus, a bike, a boat – whatever you have to do to leave the confines of your cocoon. Even if you only allocate one day away from the resort, it is likely to be the best 24 hours of your trip.

Connect with locals
However, it is best to give yourself more than just one day for your integration with the Thai culture as there is much to see and do. One of the best ways to get the most out of your trip is to organise private tours with locals in Thailand – there are websites that can connect you with people who know about the hidden gems and days of celebrations where people celebrate on the streets. They will know where to take you for the best meal of your trip, and will show you where you can go to meditate in the calm of the mountains or by a beach away from the tourist traps.

Use travel guides
If you aren’t able to organise a tour with a local during your trip, you should at least make the effort to do a bit of discovery by yourself. Avoid the mass advertised “excursions” and make your own way for a few hours. Pack your essentials in a bag and bring along a couple of travel guides and a map. Getting lost is part of the fun, but you could bring your mobile phone along just to give you that extra element of safety.

One thought on “Experience Thailand like a Local on Your Next Holiday”

  1. yes this thing are true you must leave the resort go out explore and see the real Thailand. Try the street food if you see a lot of local people eating on that place it mean its cheap and delicious that,s for sure… another is rent a motor bike go around and meet local there very friendly… and please do complain and there standard or even compare… 😉

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