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Experience the Orange County Convention Center

The OCCC conference center is a major meeting local in Central Florida. It Is now the second biggest convention center in the United States, next only to Chicago’s McCormick Place. This convention center is located on the southeastern side of International Drive.everything you need to know about the Orange County Convention Center.This article has details of Central Florida Places to Visit.

Each year the conference center hosts in excess of 230 occasions, with approximately 1,400,000 attendees that generates $2.4 billion in sales into the local economy.

Orange County Convention Center

Facts About Orange County Convention Center

Central Location

Located in Orlando’s tourist area, and only a hop and a skip to International Drive. The OCCC is hosted inside of two buildings, these buildings are designated as North/South. The OCCC is seeking novel suggestions for showcasing service which has made it among the planet’s most well-known destinations for conferences, meetings, and tourism and its facilities.

The OCCC is famous for its extensive flooring and above-average facilities, also for its hospitality. This venue welcomes different kinds of events also it has the room to accommodate absolutely anything.

The OCCC has a convenient place that is centrally located, you will find supermarkets, restaurants, resorts, and Aquatica within walking distance. There are a number of attractions available to attendees. It’s really a perfect place for sporting events, trade shows or conferences.

Upcoming Plans

The conference center originated because of a law Legislature in 1977 that enabled state counties to levy a ‘Tourist Development Tax’ in addition for stays at local resort rooms. Orange County voters approved a tax for tourist growth to utilize the revenue to build a conference center. That the Board of County Commissioners or BCC had a 325 million square foot facility is drawn by architects and designated a place program. Back in 1979, the BCC came into an arrangement with all the Orlando Central Park an alternative for 45 acres had been provided to the county for future expansion and land could be contributed for the centre. Lands were designated for resorts and tourist growth.

The initial phase of building was finished in February 1983. The Grand Opening was held previewed by an enormous audience. Phase V of this centre started in the summer of 2000 following ‘Reed Exhibitions’, which held its conventions, consented to sponsor 42 conventions in Orlando. Stage V was finished in 2003. These days, the four stages are known because it’s separated into North and South exhibition halls which may be combined into a single area for conventions. The West Building and Stage V may be split to sponsor multiple trade shows. This brand new construction has approximately 1.1 million square feet of display area. Simultaneously, there has been a walkway assembled to join with the West and North-South buildings.

Hilton Hotels built a 1400 room luxurious facility which adjoins the end of the OCCC’s buildings and is attached via a walkway. Expansions into the Hyatt Regency (previously referred to as the Peabody) have already been finished and connect into the OCCC by means of a pedestrian walkway. The walkway joins the North-South and also West buildings and connects Rosen Plaza along with Rosen Centre within their master plan.

If you’re among the lucky ones who is attending a conference in at the number one tourist destination in the world. OCCC accommodates mobility scooter rentals and ECVs. With over 2 million s.f. of space, if you have special needs or accessibility problems be sure to reserve an Orlando scooter rental with Scootarama. You could use your equipment at the Orange County Convention Center. No matter a person’s fitness or freedom level, both conventions and theme parks equally details more miles of walking than even the fittest can easily manage. A scooter rental in Orlando is just plain smart. With pricing starting as low as $30 per day to rent a mobility scooter, it will not only make sense it will conserve your energy so that you can focus on your vacation.

OCCC Specifications

Square Footage

Total: 7 million

West Building: 4 million

North/South Building: 3 million

Exhibition Space

Total: 2,053,820 sq ft

West Building: 1,103,538 sq ft

North/South Building: 950,282 sq ft

Meeting Rooms

Total: 479,190 sq ft

West Building: 313,140 sq ft

North/South Building: 166,050 sq ft

Total: 74 rooms

West Building: 49 rooms

North/South Building: 25 rooms

Breakout Rooms

Total: 232 rooms

West Building: 138 rooms

North/South Building: 94 rooms

Parking Spaces

Total: 6,227 spaces

West Building: 1,450 spaces

North/South Building: 4,777 spaces
(1,380 unpaved spaces)

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