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Expat Life – Renting Rules for Tenants and Landlords

If you have ever rented a home you know that there is much more to it than simply giving out the house in perfect condition and paying rent on time. There are a few things that both parties can do or keep themselves from doing it that can make the whole thing go a lot smoother. Three rules that every tenant and landlord should follow when renting a home. Take a look at this article to learn about the top expat life.

expat life - rent rules

There are few #RentingRules that aren’t always written down in law in some countries but that are extremely important. It doesn’t matter if you move abroad to a new country. Following are my top three for each of the parties in this sort of business.

3 Renting Rules for Landlords

1. Ask for a Safety Deposit – A lot of people tend to think that these are too much but asking for money is a good way of making sure that whenever the tenant leaves you will have some money to use in case there is something broken. Some other people use services like HomeLet where you get to arrange insurance for your property.

2. Attend quickly to tenant’s requirements – It is true that minor repairs are the responsibility of the tenant but there are some other repairs that are more important and are the responsibility of the landlord. Not doing those may mean a lot of deterioration in your property. Giving quick answers about any changes that might be suggested is also important to maintain a good relationship.

expat life - renting rules

3. Don’t go to the property or try to enter without permission – For some reason this is one rule that is not a written law in some countries that I know of and an extremely important one. If you went through all of the process of approving a tenant, all there is left to do is trust them and respect their privacy. So unless they ask for you to come and check on something stay away.

Renting Rules for Tenants

1. Keep the landlord informed of any issues with the property – If something gets broken or ruined, or if you get some notice in the mail, call your landlord right away. You will save them from having to spend more later once it is more deteriorated or of having to pay any penalties. You might even be saving yourself from not receiving your safety deposit complete.

2. Document All Communications with Your Landlord in Writing – For your own safety send all of your inquiries and requests by email or mail. Even if they look like decent people, a copy of any problems that you tell them can exonerate you from penalization and a copy of requests can benefit you at court in case the landlord isn’t responding for his/her responsibilities.

3. Don’t forget the outside upkeep and landscaping – I know you are going to take care of the inside of the home perfectly and keep it clean. After all, it is where you will spend all of the time. But it is astonishing for me how tenants tend to neglect the garden, porches or outdoor areas in general. But this is just as important to take care of. For example, if you experience snowy weather, it’s important to contact Snow Removal Services Waukesha way, if you’re in that region, before the snow damages your property.

If a house is handed to you with a gorgeous garden and well taken care of outdoor areas, keep them the same or better.

These to me, even if they look basic to some of you, the basic renting rules that should be followed by both parts to have a good relationship.

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