Exclusive Group Pub Crawls or City Mixed Pub Crawls, Which To choose?

In reality, both options are valid and worthwhile experiences. An exclusive group on a guided pub crawl has its familiarity factor as everyone knows each other while an organized one with visitors to the city who do not know each other heightens the social friendship side already forged in the exclusive version. Whatever your choice or preference for a pub crawl, it will always be a fantastic introduction to get to know the best or trendy pubs, local craft beers and in-house attractions that ensure a great evening of fun and excitement.

Why an Exclusive Guided Pub Crawl:

This type of outing is ideally suited to Stag or Hen groups that wish to celebrate together, indeed, even for visiting sports / rugby groups that have the end of season celebrations (such as e.g.: attending the Krakow Rugby Festival ) with special mentions for players and staff. Usually, there is a group leader that enforces the group’s pre-set quirky drinking rules, all Stag, Hen and sports groups enthusiastically act out or act upon the these rules and then hold a kind of court process to dish out punishments to the transgressors of the evening. The emphasis is on drinking with this style of pub crawl and plenty of it whether you want to or not. The exclusive pub crawl is pre-arranged, that is, it is booked in advance before the groups arrive via a dedicated stag do company (e.g.: when in Krakow, you might want to check for your Krakow pub crawl experience). The company guide will meet the group at a predetermined place to then escort them on the crawl.

Why a City Mixed Guided Pub Crawl:

The mixed version means a gathering of individual people looking to experience the nightlife in a foreign city by meeting up with other similar visitors. Therefore, the group can attract both women and men creating a more open and social evening as you get to know your fellow crawlers. Here, the city mixed organiser introduces his or her drinking games which the newbie crawlers participate in. This style of pub crawl is advertised on the popular media platforms with a specific start point and time stated. No need to book or reserve, just turn up at the designated meeting point. Normally, this kind of pub crawl circuit is largely fixed as the organiser has agreements with the pub managers and receives a commission on the bar sales accumulated for each group visiting or based on the number of people in the group. Nonetheless, the evening is animated and many friendships and acquaintances are formed. The emphasis is more on the social side of meeting new people and although drinking is largely encouraged, you are not obliged to drink in every pub you visit, you can pace yourself better.

Pros & Cons:

The Exclusive Pub Crawl allows extra activities to be included, you can add in a strip club interlude, beer, wine or vodka tasting, cocktail making or axe-throwing even a Strip Limo City Cruise all during the pub crawl to finish with a dance club party to top off the evening’s entertainment which is nearly always included. That’s a lot of pros but for the cons is that you are probably in for a testing evening of imbibing the ales round after round due to the group crawl regulations, so prepare well for it.

The City Mixed Pub Crawl will have certain drinks offers in the venues and some will offer a complimentary shot on the circuit plus snacks and fast food. You can also leave at any given time should it be necessary plus the group will consist of varying nationalities and genders which adds to atmosphere. The cons are no extra activities during it which might not matter if you are having fun but on the other hand the crawl might stagnate if too repetitive. Also, since group members don’t really know each other, if you get lost on the way, or don’t leave for another bar when told to, there is nobody to look after you.

Which one do you choose?:

A metaphorical comparison would be that an Exclusive Pub Crawl is when you buy a tailored, made to measure suit, it is more personalised and cut only for your group of familiar friends while the City Mixed one is an off the peg fashion suit which is appealing because it reveals more of a person’s personality. The two options bear the same hallmark of socialising with alcohol but one is centred on a specific occasion and the other on enjoying the occasion of a pub crawl with total strangers.

A clear advantage of either choice is the local guide aspect, someone to take you to the right places, help you avoid the trouble spots and tourist scams that, unfortunately, every popular destination has in its midst. The back drop on the local drinks, specialities and customs that an experienced guide can offer will make your evening pub crawl even more memorable.

Top 10 European Pub Crawls:

Krakow, Poland – This historic city and it’s dragon legend will fire up your bar hopping, especially with the various flavoured vodka shots during a Krakow Pub Crawl.

Berlin, Germany – You will certainly get that Cabaret vibe in the cellar bars and not only. The Beermeister city.

Budapest, Hungary – A pub Crawl here is illuminating as Budapest set the trend of Ruin Bars, places that look like they are going to collapse but don’t.

Prague, Czech Republic – The most well known city for a pub crawl still thriving on its reputation.

Vienna, Austria – A most elegant city with raucous pub crawls with its love of offering body shots as a standard feature in bars.

Brussels, Belgium – Backpackers paradise, waffles and chocolate during the day but on a pub crawl special brews of fruit beer will undarn your socks.

Dublin, Ireland – Drinkers paradise, upgrade your drinking tolerance with the locals in probably Europe’s oldest known modern pub crawl.

Paris, France – Pernod is deadly, follow the advice on drinking this aniseed based French favourite.

Madrid, Spain – The pub Crawl here will undoubtedly include ending up in a state of the art huge dance club, not to be missed.

Ios, Greece – Amazingly, this island has attracted 1000s of partygoers looking to experience its now famous pub crawl with its shot challenge.

Good times, also check closing bar times to time your consumption so you don’t fall foul getting timed out to soon. Crawl means to move on all four limbs low to the ground because you are unable to walk.

Last Updated on July 28, 2022

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