Exciting Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour Waits for Adventurous Travelers

For the adventurous explorers, there seems to be a vast scope in the Arabian Desert in the popular UAE.  The country provides an exciting taste from the desert safari trip, across the vast expanse of sand as well space. As an independent component of the popular UAE Desert Safari, the Abu Dhabi Desert safari takes the world travelers to a voyage of discovery combined with excitement and enjoyment that cannot be easily forgotten in their life. Read more travel essays you can here. Fun reasons to go on a safari of this dessert when you travel to the United Arab Emirates. Take a look at this article Abu Dhabi desert safari and learn that there are tons of things to do other than exploring the Qasr al Watan.

Abu Dhabi Desert Safari Tour

The Abu Dhabi Desert safari programs

Travelers can enjoy the lovely program between 330pm and 9am on the next day. The journey can be started towards the Nizwa region around 4pm and the travelers can drive through some of the highest and extremely challenging sand dunes safaris in the UAE Deserts. The specially designed Toyota land cruiser with a size of 4 x 4 can be used for the exciting trip.

Adrenal filled bashing trip

Certainly the travelers need to go through the adrenal filled Dune Bashing for an hour before halting at the Camel Breeding farm. This is the best venue to take the breath taking photo opportunities and even refreshments at the most spectacular dunes. Adding to the excitement is the awesome sunset over the rolling sand hills of the desert. No traveler should miss this spectacular of the sky. One cannot complete his or her fascinating desert safari Abu Dhabi without watching the marvelous sun set here.

After this show at the galaxy the travelers need to proceed to the traditional and still familiar Bedouin style campsite in the middle of the great desert. One can put down the roots for the rest of the night like the tribes of the Bedouin. This is the place for relaxation with the favorite beverages from the well stocked mobile bar. Interested travelers can have a camel ride in the sand and can even smoke the hubbly bubbly to enjoy a different entertainment. To finish the day the scintillating belly dancing show can be witnessed which provide a great Arabic entertainment. Sumptuous three course BBQ dinner is available for the tired travelers. Vegetarian option is also available on prior request made by the travelers. The day one of the exciting desert safari in Abu Dhabi ends here for the tired travelers.

Next day- Start to finish the excitement.

Another great day waits for the world travelers with a departure at 830 A.M after a nice breakfast. The exciting and fun filled Abu Dhabi adventure desert safari that has commenced the previous day evening comes to a fitting finale at 9am the next day. Few more things can be seen in the mid way before reaching the starting point. Travelers can also find many local traditions around Abu Dhabi. Competitions and exhibitions of the traditional works can be seen at the shopping places. One can even see the ancestral arts which are passed through the centuries in the UAE culture. One is sure to have a value for the money while making such an adventurous trip to the deserts of UAE.

Jump out of this busy work world and rejuvenate yourself with the Abu Dhabi desert safari tour for a life time experience. Abu Dhabi desert safari trip is one of the spot for cost effective trip.

Last Updated on March 24, 2022

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  1. Great travel experience in Abu Dhabi! Nice Post. thank you for sharing.

  2. Marina, I’m glad you had visited Abu Dhabi desert. It’s unfortunate that mostly travel ignore this unique tour.

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