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eVisa Brazil – The Option Available For Travelers And Investors

At the beginning of 2018 Brazil announced the launch of a brand new visa Brazil option that was created for tourists, business, sports activities, artistic activities and transit. The name of the system is “electronic visa” and it is highly similar to what is already available in the US.Benefits of getting an eVisa for Brazil so you can decide if it is the right one for you.In this post you will find info of eVisa Brazil.

eVisa Brazil

The Brazil electronic visa is meant to make it easy to apply for a visa in the country, with the main focus put on speed. Current stamped visa processing time can easily go over one month in various cases. Processing time for an eVisa, meant for business or travel, is around one week.

Traditional stamped visa are available and can be valid for a maximum of ten years, as opposed to the eVisa option, which is only valid for you to two years. However, you can only stay in the country for a maximum of 90 days at a time. Once those days are over, you need to leave the country but can get back again soon. Continuous stay over the valid 2 years is not allowed.

The process of getting the eVisa is simple. You just need to apply. Then, authorities will check you and if you are eligible and a citizen of the approved countries, you receive a message with all the details needed. The most important thing about the eVisa available in Brazil is knowing when you can receive it. This visa is available based on specific journey purposes, including:

  • Tourism – You are allowed if you are interested in carrying out activities of a recreational, informative and tourist nature. It is also the case when visiting some family members that reside in Brazil.
  • Business – The business visitor is considered to be a person that attends meetings, business events, trade fairs or that is prospecting commercial opportunities, consulting, auditing or signing contracts. Paid business activity in the country of Brazil with an eVisa is not allowed. However, you can participate in conferences, seminars, scientific programs and cultural programs.
  • Transit – The transit visitor is the person that enters Brazilian national territory while on a trip to another destination.
  • Journalism – A journalist can stay in Brazil but stay cannot go over ninety days.
  • Artistic Activities – Such a visitor is in the country for a shorter stay, without wanting to establish an official residence, or for performing some artistic activities. It is also possible to participate in related competitions.
  • Studies – This visitor is one that wants to carry out learning and teaching activities or supervised internships, as long as stays are not longer than ninety days.
  • Short Medical Treatment – The eVisa can be issued for someone that needs therapeutic or medical treatment, with the stay period not exceeding ninety days. In this case it is also important to show that there is money available to pay for maintenance and treatment.

All the information needed to be approved for the eVisa program in Brazil is available but it is possible that it will be much more complicated than what you might initially think. Fortunately, many can help you to get the eVisa.

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