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Everything You Should Know About Types of Electric Bikes

Due to technological advancement and skyrocketing gasoline prices, traditional gas vehicles are being replaced by electric vehicles. You’ll see a significant increase in EVs as they are more efficient and provide the same functionality at a low cost.

Among the EVs that have been introduced to the marketplaces, electric bikes are the most popular. Unlike electric cars, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars purchasing one. Despite its compact size, it can assist you anywhere you go.

Are you curious about the various types of Electric Bikes and how you can use them? If yes, stick to the end of the article to discover some exciting features of electric bikes.

Best Place to Purchase Electric Bikes

You’ll see numerous electric bike models manufactured every year. Sadly, not all of them are efficient, fast, and durable. However, that’s not the case with Addmotor’s electric bikes. They have over seven different types of electric bikes and various models for each type.

In addition to the stunning and eye-catching design, you can have long-lasting batteries that provide maximum heat dissipation and fast charging. You would love the integrated system that allows you to keep your speed in check and indicate while you make turns. They are highly efficient and heat resistant EB2.0 era motors that produce bare minimum sound and are durable.

The Classification of Addmotor Electric Bikes

These are the top-tier bikes that you should know about.

Motan Electric Bikes

This category can also be considered an ideal fat tires electric bike for adults. You would love how smoothly it can run on terrains without causing you slight discomfort. Among this category, the Grandtan electric tricycle is the best-selling model in the entire collection. It has an 85 miles per charge range of 8 MPH.

Some of the Motion electric bikes have an upgraded E.20 system, composed of heat dissipating and durable motor and hydraulic brakes, giving you complete control of your bike.

Each EB 2.0 electric bike comes with an all-in-one integrated system, which allows you to view various information regarding the current stats. This way, you can keep track of the speed and perform various functionalities like changing the lighting of front/rear lights, etc., with the control buttons.

Folding Electric Bikes

If you’re looking for efficient transport that can save you a lot of space, folding electric bikes are perfect for you. It is no wonder the best commuter electric bike, and you can use it for errands and store it anywhere at your home.

Addmotor folding electric bikes have a powerful 750w motor that promotes a speedy ride and gives you a runtime of over sixty-five miles, depending on the model. You can also use it for vacations and store it inside your trunk. This fat tire electric folding bike can help you run through the roughest terrains smoothly.

Cruiser Electric Bike

Cruiser electric bikes can provide you with the utmost comfort. It comprises long-flared handles and a curved top tube, which allows you to adjust and relax as you ride.

In addition to stunning and appealing designs, you can run more than 65 miles per each charge. Plus, a 17.5Ah/20Ah battery can give you a speedy and stable ride without any trouble. The cruiser electric bikes come with a five-inch LCD that allows you to keep track of your speed and keeps you safe.

City Electric Bikes

The EB 2.0 city electric bikes can also be considered ideal commuter electric bikes with a large capacity of upgraded 20Ah battery. Like all the upgraded electric bikes of Addmotor, it has a light system that you can utilize for indications.

All Terrain Bikes

The all-terrain electric bikes are specifically designed to give you a smooth and stable ride on rough terrains. It has fat tires that allow you to make stable and effortless turns. The efficiency of all-terrain electric bikes can be measured by their speed and range, which is over 55 miles on a single charge.

Hunting Electric Bike

If you want an electric bike that can give you a smooth ride, provide you comfort and speed, and enable you to make smooth turns, then hunting electric bikes is what you’re looking for. With a high-speed performance due to a 1000watt motor and a range of 60 miles per charge, it is no wonder the best model you can get your hands on!


All the Addmotor electric bikes are super-efficient and serve great purposes regardless of the model. Not only can you utilize them as a commuter electric bike, but they are also the perfect companion for trips and errands. You can even go to their showroom in California or Florida to try it out!I bet you can find the best one for yourself.

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