Everything You Need to Know About Everyday Rewards at Woolworths


The 21st century is home to a whole lot of innovative ideas that are channeled at making the life of everyone easier. One of such innovative ideas is the Everyday Rewards scheme which Woolworths offers. If you are here, then chances are you probably just heard about this program. 

Don’t worry, being late to the party is not a crime, what may pass as a crime is being late to the party and not having fun. This is why this article focuses on making sure you know the basics of this program to ensure that you make the most of it. We believe that the first thing you would like to know is what the Woolworths Everyday Rewards offers are all about. However, we do not want to get ahead of ourselves, so we would like to start from the very beginning. 

What is Everyday Rewards?

Everyday Rewards is a program created by Woolworths that allows its users to earn and accumulate points and then spend these points at Woolworths’ supermarkets and other select partners like Big W, BWS, and select Caltex Woolworths’ fuelling stations. 

How to Become a Member of the Program 

Becoming a member of this program is quite easy and also cost-free. All you need to sign up is to go to the official website and do the following steps:

  • Fill in your name, phone number, email address, DOB, and create a unique password in the fields provided. 
  • Next, fill in your mailing address; this is how an Everyday Rewards membership card will be brought to you. 
  • Go through the details you have supplied and ensure they are all correct. Then click on the join button. 

Another way to become a member of this program is to go to a store participating in the program and sign up as a member. However, this would only give you a temporary card and you would ultimately need to activate your account online with the steps above. 

How to Earn Points 

You can earn Everyday Rewards points in the following ways:

1.  Shopping Online 

When you shop from any Woolworths store online, you will be required to submit your Everyday Rewards information as you process payment. You can read this article to see some major benefits of online shopping. We bet you now see how beneficial this program is as it allows you to enjoy all the benefits of shopping online while also ensuring you do not miss out on earning points. 


2. Shopping In the Store 

You earn points when you shop at a Woolworths store or any other partner of the program. To earn points this way, you would need to swipe your membership card before you make payment. 

You would get 1 point for each $1 you spend. If you do not swipe the card then you would not earn any reward. 

3. Phone Shopping

 To earn points this way, you would need to scan the membership card with your Woolworths app. You would need to get the app on your phone, then you will add your card’s information in the “More” part of the app. After you saved these details, when you go shopping, you simply need to open the app and then click on “show barcode”. Then you would hold the phone up and you will earn points based on what you have bought. 

Do All Purchases Earn Points?

Not all purchases earn points; you only earn when you buy “eligible purchases”. Luckily, eligible purchases include almost all everyday items sold at Woolworths’ stores or other partners. Some of the purchases that can’t fetch you points include gift cards, travel cards, internet cafes, mobile recharge, smoking products, and so on. 

Membership Card

As an Everyday Rewards member, there are two types of credit cards available to you. Visit https://www.investopedia.com/how-do-credit-cards-work-5025119 to find out how credit cards work. The credit card you get would serve as both your membership card and also where you earn your points. The credit cards available for this program are Everyday Platinum and Qantas Platinum. 


Everyday Rewards is a Woolworth program that allows you to earn points for future use when you shop at Woolworths’ supermarket and other select partners. In this article, we have discussed all the basics you need to know to become a member of this rewarding program. 

Last Updated on May 15, 2023

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