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Everest Base Camp Trekking Gear List

There are a ton of amazing treks around the world, but none of them is like the Everest Base Camp. Deciding what to carry during your Everest Base Camp trek can be pretty confusing. It really depends on the weather in the mountains, which is again very hard to predict. While packing for this trek, one should prepare for the extreme so that you have everything you need even when times are brutal. A few things must be carried also because buying them when just needed will cost you very much expensive. That also doesn’t mean you should carry and everything.

This article will help you decide what to take and what not to take during this trek.

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Trekking to Everest Base Camp

You can also take a look at this list of camping essentials.

Packing List for Trekking to Everest Base Camp

1. Clothing

Clothing should be packed wisely since you will be trekking many days in cold temperatures. It also depends upon how sensitive you are to cold. A down jacket, waterproof and windproof jacket, and thermal insulation should be packed with comfortable and flexible clothing like trekking trousers or running shorts. Bringing light clothes will reduce the weight of your backpack. Don’t forget to bring flash drying shirts as they tend to dry the sweat faster. Usually, thermal insulators and down jackets are only required while trekking near the Base Camp.

Some other essential things to bring during the Everest Base Camp trek are hiking socks, hats, beanies, sports bras (for females), underwear, gloves, scarves, neck gaiter, and quick-dry towels.

(Note: Don’t pack anything that is heavy, fancy uncomfortable, or ill-fitting.)

2. Footwear

A high-quality hiking boot is required to walk several hours in different types of terrains comfortably. Bringing these shoes ensures that you are safe from sprains and injuries. Anyone sensitive to cold can bring a pair of down shoes, especially while trekking in winter. A pair of slippers should be packed so that you can use them while staying at tea houses. It can be used while moving around, going to the toilet and dining halls, taking a bath, etc.

(Note: Make sure the boots fit perfectly with the socks on. Try breaking in the boots a few days before the trek)

3. Gear

You will need to pack all the things you need while staying out in the mountains for more than two weeks inside a hiking backpack. Either you or your porter will carry this backpack for several hours a day while trekking. Therefore, make sure you buy a comfortable and durable one.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp

Also carry a daypack which you will use while going for a few hours of exploration during the day leaving all other belongings at a teahouse and only taking things like a camera, jacket, water bottle, snacks, etc.

Take with you a comfortable and cold resisting sleeping bag if you are traveling in winter, susceptible to cold, or skeptical about the cleanliness of bedding in tea houses.

Other must-carry things for this trek include trekking poles, torch, oximeters, polarized sunglasses with UV protection, raincoat (in case it rains), backup battery, pocket knives, water bottles, and a map.

(Note: Also pack things like a book, Kindle, headphones, journal or things to keep you occupied during some dull days)

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4. Toiletries

You can find several of these items during earlier days of Everest Base Camp trekking in case you miss them. But it will be a smart decision to buy them while you are in Kathmandu because it will cost you more to buy things as your trek starts.

Bring high SPF sunscreen lotion to protect yourself from sunburns and UV rays, and moisturizers for the body and face to prevent your skin from getting dry due to cold and wind.

Female travelers should pack enough tampons/sanitary napkins of their choice as you will only find very basic sanitary napkins which may not provide you enough comfort.

Other toiletry items to pack include toothbrush/paste, toilet paper, shampoo/body wash, deodorants, sanitizer, talcum powder, lip moisturizer, comb, etc.

(Note: Don’t pack fragile things made with glass ceramics, etc. and luxury products like hair straighteners)

5. Medication

If you are taking medications for your health conditions, please carry them with you, as there is a slim to no chance of finding them during this trek. Carry Diamox tablets to help you prevent the symptoms of Acute Mountain Sickness.

Other items to help you make things simple during the Everest Base Camp trek are a water purifier, blister plasters, diarrhea tablets, painkillers, Isotonic powder (helps during electrolyte loss/dehydration), paracetamol, muscle rubs, antacids, strepsils, etc.

6. Snacks

Three meals will be provided by tea houses in a day. There are only a few options for other snacks, and they are mostly expensive. So, it is advised to take as many light and high-energy snacks as you can. They may include coffee mixes, cereal mixes, chocolates, oatmeal, energy drink powders, etc.

(Note: Don’t bring snacks that can spoil without refrigeration and check the expiry dates before purchasing)

7. Documents

Passports should be kept with you all the time, it can be checked every now and then in places like airports and checkpoints.

Trekking to Everest Base Camp

You are advised to take enough money in Nepalese currency as you will find no ATMs in higher places.

Entering certain preserved areas need permits. You can either obtain them in Kathmandu or at the entrance. Keep the obtained permits with you all the time.

Trekking at high altitudes away from modern facilities may bring risks of altitude sickness and other hazards. Suggestions of experts should be taken seriously and you should remain careful throughout the trek. It is strongly advised to get travel insurance covering medical costs and rescues.

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