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Pampering Yourself at the Evangeline Spa in Tampa

My stay at the Epicurean Hotel was much more than just a regular visit. In a truly long time, I dove into self-care.

And what better place than at the in-house spa at the Epicurean – Evangeline Spa. The motto of the spa is A Delectable Spa, following in the footsteps of its hotel.

Evangeline Spa at the Epicurean Hotel Tampa florida

Fun facts about Evangeline Spa Tampa

  • Evangeline Spa is 2,830 square foot and offers five-treatment-rooms.

treatment area - Evangeline Spa - Epicurean Hotel Tampa florida

  • Their main services include Body, skincare, beauty, Caudalie vinotherapie, and FarmHouse Fresh rituals, along with couples’ spa packages.
  • All the herbs and infusions are organically coming from the same farm as the one used for Élevage Restaurant.
  • One of the highlights of the place is an airy mani/pedi room, nicknamed “The Cellar”. It is has a wall covered with 20,000 corks. All of them from Bern’s collection (he never threw out a cork screw).

20,000 corks on a wall - Evangeline Spa - Epicurean Hotel Tampa florida

How I Spent My Time at the Spa Evangeline Tampa

I milked the experience for what it was worth.

It starts at the front desk where you get a greeting and the rundown of what to expect.

Front desk - Spa Evangeline - Epicurean Hotel Tampa florida

I totally enjoyed the dressing area which has tons of cool creams and where you get your bathrobe on.

Believe it or not, I have been to spas before, but each time I go I just feel like a kid at the candy store. They are so delectable!

dressing room - Evangeline Spa - Epicurean Hotel Tampa florida

Then I took my time in the waiting room (didn’t rush to tell them I was ready for my treatment). Just enjoying the freshly infused antioxidant drinks was so fun for me.

And, honestly, every mama can relate with me on this one – having alone time is pampering in itself.

waiting area - Spa Evangeline - Epicurean Hotel Tampa florida

I had the massage treatment. Rachel, my masseuse was excellent. She knew exactly what needed to be done. Living in Guatemala, where I get the majority of my massages, can be a true toss up with the masseuses since there are no requirements for any sort of a certification and anyone can walk off the street and say they can give a massage. So having a real one makes a difference.

Recommendation for Visiting the Evangeline spa, Tampa FL

I would highly recommend making an appointment. I came on a weekday, no holidays and there was a few people there. To keep it minimal and peaceful it’s better to have a secure reservation.

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