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4 Hiking Destination in Europe That Make You Feel Alive

Hiking vacations are a great way to discover a country. You get to savor the land with every step and as you are walking rather than traveling by car, train, or bus, you get to see places that few tourists see. To get more of a flavor of this kind of vacation, Orbis Ways Travel Agency is a good place to start and are trusted walking holiday company. Here are some of the best hiking destinations in Europe for a vacation

Good hiking tour operators will be able to provide various routes suited to your schedule. Tours can range from 5 days right through to 30 days. It all depends on how much time you want to devote to your walking vacation, and how much of a country you want to see.

So with this in mind, let’s look at some hiking vacations that should be on your radar.

Hiking Destination in Europe

Dingle Way, Ireland

Discover Ireland’s most western point, the Dingle Way. Facing the Atlantic Ocean you’ll trek through a part of Ireland that matches the Hollywood depiction of it. The coastal landscape is packed with rugged beauty, picture postcard villages, castle ruins, and archeological gems such as the Ogham Stones. 

Walk the coastline of the Dingle Peninsula is around 150 miles, so it is possible to complete the hike in around 8 days.

One of the great things about hiking is where you go is up to you, so you can hike your way to any part of the Dingle Way that you want to.

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Pelion Peninsula, Greece

Submerge yourself in Greek mythology as you hike across the Pelion Peninsula, a mountainous land home to many of the legends that western civilization is built on.

The Pelion Peninsula has many charming and adventurous draws. You can discover ancient trails between the Aegean Sea and the Gulf of Volos where it is said centaurs reside, and it is said to be the site of the beauty contest between Thetis and Eris.

Along your travels, you’ll discover beautiful villages and sample Greek culture. You may recognize some of what you see from various movies such as Mama Mia.

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Los Picos de Europa National Park, Spain

Spain has some amazing hikes and the Los Picos de Europa National Park is one of them. Here you’ll hike in the mountains and walk through valleys carved out of the rock through glacial movements. The Los Picos de Europa National Park is famous for having a wide variety of fauna, flora, and wildlife, and you’ll get to see this up close as you explore the park.

You’ll also discover Spanish culture in all its glory. The famous Cabrales cheese is to hike for!

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Malta is a small country in the Mediterranean Sea. It is packed with historical and archeological wonder, and there is plenty to see and do which you’ll discover as you hike across it. Interestingly, Malta is composed of three islands, Malta, Gonzo, and Comino, and each island has its own culture and places to see.

Hiking vacations in Europe are fantastic and you should book one as soon as you can.

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