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Europe Travel – Become one with Nature on a Trip to Norway

Enriching your life by traveling is one of the things you can’t ignore in life. Getting informed about the most beautiful locations and actually making active efforts to reach the places you’ve always desired to visit is proof that your wanderlust can lead you to great things. Putting together the ideal route is never easy, if considering the enormous number of amazing places that this word offers. Traveling is an experience that can help you find out more things about your personality and about your thoughts. You can either travel alone or with significant people in your life. The persons you travel with are not as important as the location you choose, and this article should come in handy for helping you to choose one. If you are a travel lover, you surely heard about Norway and the outstanding experiences you can live here.Best places to go to if you are looking to enjoy nature while traveling to Norway.Take a look at this article to learn the trip to Norway.

Trip to Norway

Here you will find details about this gorgeous country, the possibility to experience the famous Hurtigruten cruise and the chance to see the Northern Lights in person. Extra tip: Northern Lights are much more impressive when you see them with your own eyes, so you don’t want to miss this chance. Pay attention to the details listed in this article for the perfect experience with Norway and a full reconnection with nature.

Norway’s long coastline is a blessing

Many people visit Norway without getting informed about the jewelries that this country hides. The center of attention is represented by Norway’s coastline which inspired people to encourage voyages on the many coasts. You may have heard about the Express Route in Norway. The Hurtigruten cruise was founded around 1893 when the potential of Norway’s coastline was acknowledged. Since then, Hurtigruten cruises became extremely popular among both locals and tourists, as the ships sail from one side of the country to the other, crossing the arctic circle. The complete journey takes up to eleven days and it is an experience that you cannot forget. Hurtigruten continues to expand to this day and the expeditions are more and more appreciated by people.

Along the coast, people formed an entire culture, making the location worth visiting at least once in a lifetime. The tourism is based almost entirely on coastal voyages and it brings great benefits to the local economies. As long as you know about it, Norway’s coastline will surprise you for sure. At every port you are going to visit during your Hurtigruten cruise, you will be fascinated by the specific customs and different architecture that you encounter. For instance, in small towns and cities such as Bergen or Svolvær, the architecture is centered on wood, while in other cities modern hotels make the difference. The small ports are so different from one another that you’ll enjoy each and every minute of your trip.

Attending a Hurtigruten cruise will teach you more about the Norwegian historical and cultural heritage. This means that you won’t be the traditional tourist, but one who prefers the depths of this amazing country. Be prepared for dramatic climate changes, for many geology elements and for entirely different people at each port you are going to visit on the 1250-mile long coastline of Norway. Recharge your batteries and reconnect with nature during this coastline cruise and you’ll call it the best holiday of your life.

What is the Aurora Borealis and what’s the best time to visit Norway

Aurora Borealis is, in fact, another name for the polar aurora, also known as the Northern Lights. Aurora Borealis is an optical phenomenon consisting of an intense, bright night observed in the regions near the polar zones. When it appears in the northern hemisphere, the phenomenon is known as the Aurora Borealis, and when it appears in the south of the hemisphere, the phenomenon is called Aurora Austral.

The polar aurora is the result of collisions between the gaseous molecules in the Earth’s atmosphere with electromagnetically charged particles coming from the Sun. At the center of the solar system lies the Sun, the star that sustains life on Earth. In the center of the sun, the temperature is 15 million degrees Celsius, these extreme temperatures produce solar storms on the surface of the huge star. In about 40 hours of emergence, these storms have come near the Earth, which is protected from the magnetosphere solar storms.

The magnetosphere is a region of a magnetic field-dominated space. It constitutes an obstacle in the way of the solar wind, causing it to disperse on the way of return. Its width is about 190,000 km, and during the night it extends over longer distances. Both the magnetosphere and the solar winds can lead to the apparition of the phenomenon. It is known that when two electrical conductors connected in an electric circuit are introduced into a magnetic field and one of them moves around the other, an electric current is generated in the circuit.

In this context, the sun and the magnetosphere of the winds are electrically conductive electric conductors with relative motion, thus being capable of generating electric current, producing a luminous effect, thus generating the polar aurora. The phenomenon is truly amazing and seeing it with your own eyes will be imprinted in your memories forever. Luckily, there are forecasts that can predict when the Northern Lights can be seen the best. Tourists usually visit the Fjords between September and March. Keep an eye on the forecasts to know for sure what’s the most appropriate time for planning your trip.

Other tips for a first-time visitor

After you’ve learned more about Norwegian Coastal Cruises and the Northern Lights, it’s time to get to know the customs of Norway citizens and learn how to act once you get there. Here are some additional tips if you are visiting Norway for the first time:

  • Don’t underestimate the distances and the traveling times – Norway is sparsely populated, but it is a large country
  • Pay attention to the surroundings – nature is the principal attraction of this country
  • Prepare for winter conditions – the weather is rough and you should be prepared for the harsh arctic climate
  • Norway is expensive – save some money before your Norway trip; prices are quite high in Norway, especially on food

2 thoughts on “Europe Travel – Become one with Nature on a Trip to Norway

  1. Your Norway photo is so gorgeous!! I’ve always wanted to go to Norway, but I’m still saving up money. I looked at some of the itineraries for Hurtigruten cruises, and they all sound so amazing as well. Ultimately, I’d really love to do one of those! <3 Hopefully someday I can make it happen lol! If you have any recommendations for the best ways to see Norway (or have any review articles on any of these cruises), I'd love to see them!

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