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Ethiopian Traditional Food – Is it for You?




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Today’s episode, we’re going to be talking about Ethiopian cuisine. Yes, sir. Ethiopian cuisine can make every day an adventure for you. So I was visiting my parents in New York, and my parents enjoyed it. I’m not going to say that they are foodies, although they probably can fall into that category, but they really enjoy trying all these different cuisines.

And in New York City, you can’t go wrong. There used to be a saying when I lived in New York City that you can literally eat around the world without ever leaving New York. That’s how many different restaurants and how many different cuisines there are available to you in New York. I mean, it’s amazing. And somehow they got on the topic of this cool restaurant that they just tried out and it was an Ethiopian restaurant.

I personally am not that big of a foodie. I actually am not a very courageous eater at all, especially because I don’t really enjoy anything spicy. I don’t eat meat. So I am vegetarian. But they’re like, oh, you know what?

They actually have this really amazing vegetarian dish as well, which is very Ethiopian. So immediately I was like, okay, I have to go here. So me and my husband found there’s only one Ethiopian restaurant, Gratefully, in Manhattan. So we arrived there. We arrived early because we like to eat earlier Gratefully way before anybody even arrived.

And they sat us down in this. So that’s where the experience begins, right. They set you down at this table, but it’s not really a table. It looks like an inverted drum, right. It looks like this humongous bowl as your table.

It’s kind of like those big drums that you see people drumming, like made out of wood and high. However, it was like this big bowl and that’s the table. Right. And then they do have little tiny tables for your drinks where you can put drinks on because you definitely can’t put anything on there. So they come out with a menu and the menu is pretty basic, right.

Because you are there for the Ethiopian restaurant, for the Ethiopian food. And we ordered so they have these two Ethiopian style stews. We got the Shiro de Kib. I think that’s how you pronounce it, which is basically a peasant dish. It’s a legume stew.

Right. And they give you something that looks like a tortilla, but it’s not really a tortilla because we’re so used to the tortillas here in Guatemala. It’s called in here. It’s like this pancake, like flat bread, right. It’s actually got a little bit of a weird type of texture to it.

But you eat with it, right. So they bring out all these different things so they have, like this chickpea thing. They have this stew. And what you do is you just eat it up with that thing. So they bring you the dish and it goes inside this bowl, this table, I guess it looks like this big inverted drum which is a big bowl and it’s a really interesting experience.

And then, of course we also ordered wine that is from Ethiopia. It was a sweet kind of wine. It was kind of interesting. Obviously it’s much different than the kind. It wasn’t a great wine which we’re used to, it was more of a fruity wine and it was just such an interesting experience. I’m not sure if I personally would ever go back for more.

My husband, on the other hand, absolutely loved it. So obviously it’s all about taste. But if you have a really cool cuisine that you’re not used to and you’re like, I don’t know, that sounds kind of weird or I don’t eat this. Give it a shot. You know what?

What’s the worst that could be? You might not like it, but this way you’re already not trying it this way you actually try something new and it could be a whole new experience. So, guys, if you can’t come up with ideas for making everyday an adventure, make sure to go to so it’s travel expert with an a dotcom and I’ve got a huge list there for you for 365 days of making every day an adventure without going far right there in your own backyard, in your own hometown. And if you like this episode, please review it and share it with somebody that you know will get inspired to go out there and truly make every day an adventure.

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