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A Short Essentials Packing List for Europe

Traveling around Europe can be a fantastic and fun-filled adventure, but without question, the most stressful part of any trip is the packing. As much as we wish we could just pick up our house and take it with us, it sadly isn’t possible. Working out the small list of items you absolutely know you will need can be quite the headache. Thankfully we’ve compiled a list of the absolute essentials for you.Traveling to any part of the world has similarities and differences.Here is a short and useful packing list for Europe.

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Packing List for Europe


Arguably the most important things to pack ahead of traveling for any reason, you should pack your travel tickets somewhere that you can then access them easily when you need to board the plane. The same goes for passports for all family members, they should have at least six months of validity left, ideally. If you’re traveling to Europe, you need to fill out EHIC applications for all family members who will be traveling. It is also worth printing out email conformations for any hotel or villa bookings to speed things up upon your arrival.

Clothing Packing List for Europe

Ever packing is something that we’ve all been known to be guilty of somewhere down the line, when doing this we can take up valuable room that could have been used for something else, but it also makes for heavier bags that we have the burden of carrying around. Try to pack the absolute minimum clothing that will last you for a few days until you can wash them again. Three or four shirts, five sets of underwear and one pair of lightweight trousers should be enough to get you through until you’re able to obtain the use of a washing machine. Pack one pair of comfortable walking shoes, and then dress shoes, sandals and a swimsuit depending on your planned activities.


This isn’t as much of a big one as it used to be, mainly because these days you can’t take any liquid in excess of 100 ml with you on a plane. Furthermore, the majority of hotels will supply enough soap, shampoo and shower gel to see you through. If you really need to take specific toiletries with you, make sure you stock up on the travel sizes. Also remember to take any essential medicines with you, along with your prescription so it’s not confiscated at customs.

Electronics Packing List for Europe

Most of us will never consider going anywhere without our smartphones, no longer is it just a tool for staying in touch with friends and family back home, today our phones have endless apps that can make our holidays a lot more easier such as being able to translate foreign languages and find our way around unfamiliar cities. If traveling for business, you will probably need to bring your laptop with you, or even a tablet with music, films and eBooks for entertainment in the plane or hotel room. For any electrical appliances you plan to take with you, make sure you have a European adapter so that you can still charge them up while in Europe.

What would you add or subtract from this Packing List for Europe.

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