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Essentials for New University Students

Heading off to college or university is a significant milestone in your life. The lifestyle, culture, and responsibility is a big change from what most of us are used to prior to starting school. It can seem scary at first, but with a little help, you will feel right at home in no time. Knowing what kinds of essentials, you will need will help improve your daily life as a University Students.

University Students

These are some essentials that I use:

Music Streaming

Whether you are studying or just out and about, music is your best friend. Countless times I have found myself bored during a long study session, and music has helped me feel entertained but also focused. They have gotten cheaper and feature more music than ever before, and students even get a great discount too. That is something anyone should take advantage of considering the costs of school supplies like books, class materials, and tuition. For those who also use the gym or workout, music is a must as well.


Lifesaver! That is all I can say about coffee. Not everyone likes it, but on those days when you have an early class or a long day of homework, coffee will get you through just about anything. The number of times I have checked out how many starbucks near me there were is astounding, but sometimes you need a little extra kick to start that pesky project or essay. For those who do not drink coffee, you can try energy drinks, or just use sheer will power. Of course you can also use services like CustomEssayMeister too.

Phone Chargers

Buy as many cheap ones as you can. You will be surprised at how fast you will go through these little things. Regardless of how great you think your charger maybe, you are going to want to bring a bundle of cords or charging blocks. If you are staying over at a friend’s place, you need one while out or just end up misplacing stuff often; it does not hurt to be prepared. We use our phones for so much now that it is just natural that we want to keep it charged and good to go.


Miscellaneous items you will need can include playing cards, video games, or any other little things that can help you beat the boredom on your downtime. Sometimes it is helpful just to relax and unwind; it will help you de-clutter your mind during stressful times like exams.


Going into university or college is a big moment, and it can be made better when you have this list of little things that I consider essential for student life. Whether it is music or coffee for your studying and homework time, phone chargers to keep your device charged and your social life active, or if it’s just some assorted games and other fun things to help you pass the time. This is just a small list, there are other essentials that are often mentioned, but I found these to be some that are often overlooked, so hopefully they help you too.


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