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Essential Things to Pack for Your Furry Friends When Traveling

Traveling is exciting, but if you have a pet, you can sometimes struggle with deciding whether you are going to take them with you or leave them behind. Because your pet is probably part of your family, leaving behind them may not even be a viable option for you. Not to mention that you would be worried about their well being for the whole duration of your trip, which defeats the purpose of traveling with pets. This is why more people are choosing to travel with their pets. Just like you, your furry friend will require some essentials when traveling. Seven of the most Essential Things to Pack for traveling with pets.You will be glad you have these pieces of travel gear.

Essential Things to Pack

To ensure that this trip will be stress-free and fun for both of you, be sure to cross the following items off your packing checklist.

Favorite Toys

Going somewhere new can be very stressful and anxiety-inducing for your furry friend, especially if they are of the feline category. To help your pet remain calm throughout the trip to a new place, you need to get them their toys. Of course, it could be hard to take all of their toys with you on your trip, so you can pick their favorites to take with you.

Food and Treats

Food and treats can be a great incentive to keep your pet on their best behavior during your travels. You might believe that you can just get a substitute for their regular food once you arrive at your destination, but a change in their diets could cause issues, especially as they are already experiencing many changes while traveling. This can be even worse if your pet is a mixed breed like a Maltipoo, for example. In that case, you can find more info here about the best foods for this particular breed. Crossbreeds, puppies/kittens, and senior pets can sometimes have specific dietary requirements that you need to be aware of, so it’s best to either pack their food and treats with you, or do some research ahead of time and see if you can find similar foods in the place you are traveling to.

Litter Box or Waste Bags

A litter box may take up some valuable space if you pack it with you, but it will ensure that your cat is comfortable wherever you take it since it will be able to use a litter box that is familiar. There is also the fact that buying a new litter box wherever you are going is going to be very impractical. If you have a dog, then you need to keep waste bags on hand, because even if your dog is well-trained too much excitement could cause accidents.


This is not only going to keep your furry friend much more comfortable during travel, whether by car or plane, but it will also keep them safe because they won’t freak out on you and try to escape. Of course, if you have a larger pet, you could use a crate, or just keep an eye on them and use a leash.


As mentioned above, keeping your pet near you is important, because you do not want them to freak out and get lost. Also, you will probably be taking your furry friend on walks and outings when you reach your destination. To stay on the safe side, you need to pack two leashes, a short one that will keep your pet near you, and a longer one that will allow them more movement when needed.

Travel Bowls

Travel bowls are going to be necessary for your pet to have water and food accessible to them. You could get collapsible travel bowls so that they do not take up much space when you pack them with you.

Collar and Name Tag

This is essential if you want to ensure that in the case of an emergency, you are able to find your pet, you need to keep a collar and a name tag on them at all times. Even if they appear to be uncomfortable with their collar, it is better to take this as a precaution.


If your pet needs a specific medication or if they are due for a vaccination, then you need to ensure that you pack them with you. You also need to keep their medication and vaccination records on hand for any kind of situation that may require them.

Essential Things to Pack

Taking your furry friend with you while traveling is not going to be as difficult as you think if you plan for it correctly. Having a checklist with all the necessities you might need for your pet to travel with ease is important if you want everything to go smoothly. The items above are going to make your pet’s time while away from home much easier than you would’ve expected.

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