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Essential Stops On Your American Heartlands Road Trip

There’s nothing like a classic road trip to a United States destination to fill you with awe and wonder. The best way to do it is to ditch the GPS, and just see where the road takes you. Of course, it’s worth having a few destinations in mind. But, if something looks interesting, stop and take a look. Speak to the locals, and find the hidden gems. Trust us, there are hundreds across America. Today, we’re looking at the heartlands. Sure, Route 66 is the iconic trip. But everyone takes that road. Rather than going east-to-west, why not go south-to-north?

You’ll certainly see a lot more of the ‘real’ America. By that, I mean, the history of the lands. There is also lots of beauty here. You’ll run parallel to the spine of America, the Rocky Mountains. The national parks and points of interest here are incomparable. So, are you ready to see the real America? Choose your car and start your journey.

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photo of a road, trees and blue sky
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Stops you should do while Road Tripping in the United States

Hill Country, Texas

You can start your trip in one of two locations. New Orleans or Hill Country, Texas. New Orleans is a vibrant, fascinating place. The history of music and culture buzzes from the city itself. However, we think it’s time to take the road less traveled, don’t you? Hill Country is the cowboy capital of the world. This is traditional American history at its best. We’re talking about ranches, saloons, and hoedowns. You’ve never seen America like this before.


Memphis is a short drive out of the way, but it’s well worth making a stop here. Especially if you’re an Elvis fan! Graceland is one of the country’s best-known Elvis attractions, and you might just fall in love all over again. Stopping in Memphis is also your last chance to take in city life before you drive into the vast unknown. You’re also only a short drive from the roaring Mississippi River.

Nebraska Sandhills

The Nebraska Sandhills is one of the strangest sights you’ll see on your trip. It’s an enormous area (quarter of the entire state) of rolling sand dunes. The dunes are covered in grass and laced with small ponds and lakes. It really will take your breath away. It’s a testament to the hidden beauty of the heartlands. It’s certainly something we don’t take enough pride in.

Old Faithful, Wyoming

We recently took a trip to Wyoming. It’s one of our favorite states, mostly because of the stunning natural beauty. We park up at the Sheridan Inn, and use it as a base to explore the vast national parks. Of course, the biggest attraction is Old Faithful, the iconic geyser in Yellowstone National Park. It never fails to wow the crowds!

Badlands National Park

Finally, you’ll arrive in South Dakota and be greeted with yet more wonderful natural beauty. This time, it’s the stunning rock valleys and formations of Badlands National Park. It’s almost like a miniature Grand Canyon that goes on for miles. Spectacular!

If you’ve yet to discover this fascinating heart of America, make it part of your next big trip. Get lost in the heartlands, and you’ll never want to come back.

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