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Into the Great Wide Open: 7 Essential Road Biking Tips

Did you know biking can improve your emotional well-being? Melt your worries away by heading out on a biking trip during your next day off.

Are you looking for road biking tips? Not to worry! Besides avoiding common problems like chafing while biking, in this guide we’ll go over biking advice.

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woman Road Biking Tips

Want to learn more? Keep reading to find out.

7  Road Biking Tips

1. Pick out the Right Bike

Before you head out on a long biking trip, you’ll want to pick up a well-suited bike. A road bike is for a smoother terrain where you can go faster. The design of mountain bikes enables you to ride slower on varied terrain.

Contact a local bike shop and talk to the owner or manager. Explain what you want to do with your bike. This way, you’ll have the right bicycle for your trips and prevent any unnecessary injuries.

Before buying the bike, see if the owner will let you go for a ride on it for up to 30 minutes. You can get a feel for the bicycle and find out if it’s the right fit. Check out Electric Bikes for Sale.

2. Buy the Correct Saddle

If you’re going biking in Barcelona or on bumpy roads, you might want to get a firmer bike seat. Ask about the return policy. You can return the seat and swap it out for a new one.

A thicker pad won’t give you more comfort during a long ride. Aim for a more extended seat.

3. Pick up a Helmet

The most common biking accidents are head injuries in the United States. Even if it isn’t the law in your state, protect your head against a possible accident. Buy a helmet that has a firm fit.

4. Don’t Strain Your Knees

When you’re biking for an extended period, you can injure your knees if you’re not careful.

Make sure you keep your pedaling rate between 70-90 RPMs. This way, you won’t put an extra strain on your knees while biking.

5. Change up Your Position

When you’re biking, shift your position. You can move your bottom on the saddle and also change your hands on the handlebars.

Your hands or rear won’t get numb when you bike for an extended period.

6. Leave the Headphones at Home

Don’t risk injury because you’re wearing earbuds and listening to music. You won’t be able to hear an emergency vehicle or a swerving car behind you.

If you want to listen to tunes, pick up a clip-on radio that has a speaker. Attach this to your jersey and keep it at a reasonable volume.

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7. Always Look for Obstacles

When you’re biking, keep your eyes on the road and your head up. This way, you can get a clear look at the path ahead. If you see any obstacles or debris, you can swerve out of the way and avoid injuries.


We hope you found this guide on biking helpful. With these road biking tips, you will be in excellent shape for your next trip.

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