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Essential Rain Gear For Your Camp Site

Whenever you go out in the wild, especially if you are planning to spend a few days in it, you need to be prepared for rain. you can look at weather forecasts all you want but mother nature is not a fan of following what those are saying. Basics of the essential Rain Gear that you should have with you every time you go out camping or on a hike to the wild.

No matter what you do, you are probably going to get some rain. Having a rainproof tent is a great start but that is not all you need. What if you forgot to bring food into the tent and need to run out to get some? 

Rain Gear

In this scenario, if you don’t have appropriate rain gear that you can wear you have two options, you stay in your tent, warm, dry and hungry, or go out to get some food, get wet, ruin your clothes and make a mess of the inside of your tent. Not fun right? 

This is why having rain gear, also known as waterproof clothes is such an important thing to have if you are an outdoor lover.

What Sort Of Rain Gear Do You Need? 

Ideally, you will have a waterproof jacket and pants, maybe even a water-resistant pair of boots too. This will be useful at camp, or if you get caught in rain during a hike. For me, this should be the standard. 

However, something simple like an umbrella is also a great item to have always in your tent as soon as you set it up. But I would never recommend an umbrella for hiking, it can be dangerous and distracting. 

A rain poncho can be a good alternative to regular waterproof jackets and pants. In the past, they weren’t as comfortable or as effective as standard rain gear but these days the best rain ponchos are lightweight and repel water like a boss.

Rain Gear

Do You Want To Do Fishing While It Is Raining?

This is another one of those scenarios where you will want a full waterproof suit, including a hat and maybe gaiters. This will give you extra protection and will allow you to stay safer and more comfortable. 

There are many brands and price ranges out there! But there is something that you need to be aware of. There is no need for you to spend lots of money on expensive rain gear, however, you do need to do good research on the materials and quality on the items you are looking into buying. There are some awesome budget brands out there offering quality items. More expensive isn’t always better but the cheapest might result in a disaster if you are not careful.

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