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Essential Outdoor Survival Tools That You Will Need

Does a camping trip into the wilderness set your soul on fire? Do you feel like getting ready for the back country experience you’ve been dreaming about for years? Maybe you just want to plan for the apocalypse and get ready to fend for yourself once the hunger games start. Whatever the reason, you’ll need to have a set of essential tools on hand in order to survive if you find yourself stranded and left to your own resources. So, what type of tools should you fill that backpack with?Eight of the main Essential Outdoor Survival Tools that you will need to stay safe and have more fun on your nature adventure.

8 Essential Outdoor Survival Tools


Essential Outdoor Survival Tools

Can you imagine getting stranded in freezing weather? Unlike the movies we’ve watched, lighting fire with some wood and bricks is as far from easy as it looks. Instead of trying to hack your way through the sticks, you’d better have a reliable fire-starter ready to use. The keyword here is reliable; it will come to your aid in the rain, in freezing temperatures, and windy climates.

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Water Purifiers

You can’t survive without water for more than three days. So, in case you’re planning on an extended vacation, you can’t expect to carry all the water you’ll need around in your backpack. You’ll eventually need to use a water purifier or filter to access clean water suitable for human drinking.

Tactical Knife

How will you chop down wood or cut your way through the wilderness without a tactical knife? It’s not far-fetched, either, to find yourself in dangerous situations where you’ll need to protect yourself. When preparing for the unruly wilderness, finding the best combat knife can be a life-saver. Make sure to compare different knives in terms of material, practicality, sharpness, and efficiency; the best knife is one that is multi-purposed and can serve you in different situations.


Ropes are one of those multipurpose tools you can be sure to use during your outdoor survival experience. Need to rig a tent or tart together? Use the rope. Hiking down rocks or up a mountain? You’ll need the ropes. Short on a quick fix for a broken fishing line? You have it. Paracords are especially durable and won’t hinder your movement thanks to their lightweight. You can even wear it around your neck to have quick access in case of emergency situations.

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Locating Tools

Unless your goal is to get utterly and irreversibly lost, we’re going to make the assumption you’ll want to know your exact location. You won’t be able to count on your phone’s GPS most of the time, which leaves the basic tools humans have used for thousands of years. Yes, we’re talking about maps, those good old cartographed pieces of parchments. You can’t forget about getting a compass either. For emergency situations, make sure you have a spot locator as well to send SOS signals. 

Rain Poncho

You’ll need a rain poncho, especially if you expect to be dealing with heavy rain in your camping area. Generally speaking, you should get a rain poncho even for dry weather, since you can never be too sure about the drop in temperature when night falls. Make sure to keep your body warm at times; after all, hypothermia is the leading cause of morbidity in the wilderness. On the plus side, your poncho can also serve multiple purposes, in case you need to cover the ground of your tent or warp your backpack for extra protection.

First-Aid Kit

Essential Outdoor Survival Tools

If there’s one rule about outdoor survival, then it’s to prepare for the worst. You never know when you might trip and tear the skin, or burn yourself while trying to set up the fire. A first-aid kit will manage the damage done and prevent the progression of any serious infection. While you’re at it, make sure you research first-aid tips and tricks to help you use the kit to its fullest potential.


Do you know what’s worse than being stranded with no way out? It’s being stranded in the darkness, even if there’s a way out. Make sure to have a flashlight in your bag to rely on when the sky gets dark, and the moon is nowhere to be found. Keep a flashlight on you even if you’re planning for a day-time hike; you never know what could happen.

Realistically speaking, most of us wouldn’t know what to do if we’re suddenly forced to survive outdoors. We might not even be able to survive using the tools we have scattered around us in our homes. That said, it only makes sense to be well-prepared and gather all the essential tools you’ll need if you’re actually planning to set out on your next adventure.

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