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Essential Golfing Holidays in 2020

When it comes to golf, entertainment and excitement are paired with elegance and luxury. It is probably the only sport in the world that you could practice without breaking a sweat, elegantly dressed and maintaining your composure. There is a reason why people think of it as the sport for the rich, but that is not necessarily the case. Anyone can enjoy a game of golf, if you know where to look. Wonderful resorts and golf courses that will show you some amazing Golfing Holidays this year.Take a look at this list of Golfing Holidays.

Fortunately, there are plenty of wonderful places around the world where you could go to enjoy some golf as well as the natural scenery and a ton of activities. These are the best golfing holidays you could go on in 2020.

Essential Golfing Holidays in 2020

Gloria Golf Resort

This majestic golf resort is in Belek, Turkey, and is one of the finest golfing destinations around the world. The Gloria Golf Resort is a 5-star rated paradise where you could enjoy some luxurious lodgings, from exquisite standard rooms to executive villas, and more importantly, practice the sport you love. The resort has over a dozen bars and restaurants, so you will definitely keep your nights as busy and exciting as your mornings. Its golf courses come in three different styles –– New, Old, and Verde –– and each offers a unique and memorable experience that would be appreciated by golf fans around the world.

Sueno Deluxe

This is another Turkish gem, and it is one of the best golf resorts in Europe. Also in Belek, the Sueno Deluxe is known for its stunning pools and a huge sandy beach for your time off from the golf course. It is an all-inclusive golfing holiday well worth the investment. As explained on The Left Rough, you should travel prepared so you could make the most out of that holiday. This means getting the right golfing gear, from the gloves to the clubs, and reviewing the basic golf swing basics so you could enjoy some competitive games out there. The Sueno Deluxe offers two professional golf courses where you could practice your game amid some breathtaking scenery and gorgeous views. 

Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal Resort

This Mexican resort promises luxury in its name, and it delivers just that. With a beachfront location and a ton of activities for tourists to do, from scuba diving and water sports to gambling, the Luxury Bahia Principe Akumal Resort is one of the best golfing holidays you could go on. It contains a number of excellent golf courses that you could play on, including El Camaleon Golf Course at Mayakoba and Grand Coral Riviera Maya. Each course offers a unique experience, complemented by lush greenery and scenic views. 

Sao Rafael Suites

Portugal is sort of a favorite among golfers; it offers sunshine around the year and a beautiful coastline, making it the perfect golfing destination in Europe. Sao Rafael Suites offer all that in a luxurious setting, and it is a great option for a memorable golfing holiday this year. The hotel offers an all-inclusive package with golfing options on some of the best courses in the country, carefully manicured and trimmed. 

Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort

The Barcelo Bavaro Beach Resort is at the heart of the Dominican Republic, and it offers a unique experience that you will not soon forget. It is an adult-only, 5-star hotel that is as close to a tropical paradise as a resort can get. It is home to the majestic The Lakes Barcelo Course where you could experience golfing in beautiful weather and amid some breathtaking scenery. Most rooms in this hotel are beachfront, so you will definitely be experiencing the time of your life here, whether you are golfing or just chilling in your room.

Vincci Tenerife Golf Hotel

Spain is another European golfing paradise, and when you set foot in the Vincci Tenerife Golf Hotel, you will understand why. The entire place is on the beach, with a seafront view that is unlike anything you will ever see. With a warm, sunny climate and this stunning scenery, this hotel is perfect for golf lovers as well as their families. 

Golfing Holidays

Olympic Lagoon Resort

Last but not least, the Olympic Lagoon Resort is a 5-star gem in the heart of Cyprus. It is perfectly located on the beach, and it is home to four excellent golf courses that offer unique experiences that will cater to different golfers’ preferences. 

The great thing about all those golfing holidays is the fact that they are ideal for the family as well, and you will enjoy many activities besides golfing. Yet, when it comes to the courses, they offer some of the best in the world. 

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