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Essential Clothing Tips for Hiking

It’s no secret that backpacking and hiking are becoming very common among Americans. People are getting tired of their daily routine and are looking to find a way to breathe fresh air and get that adrenaline rush. It is also a great way to stay fit and keep your bones strong. Surely hiking is difficult, but we all love the way it is – challenging, yet satisfying. Bonus: you cannot access your Instagram or Twitter even if you want to. 

You’ll not be in the comfort of your home and will need to carry stuff you need and dress appropriately. But the question here is what you actually require and how to suit up? 

In this article, we’ll discuss the necessary clothing and some bonus tips to ease your way through your hiking adventure.

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hiking fully clothed

Clothing Tips for Hiking


Your underwear is the closest fabric to your body and protects one of your most sensitive assets. Cotton underwear doesn’t do the job well. Better materials such as polyester or nylon keep moisture away from your body and prevent wetness in uncomfortable areas. 


Hats can be your best friend for any hiking adventure, regardless of the season. Hats will keep you protected from the sun in the summers, and your head warm while hiking in winter, they will also keep your head dry during rains. Invest in a good quality hat that is fashionable and practical to use. 

Hiking Shoes

Your hiking footwear needs to be durable and comfortable enough to support your journey. Your regular sneakers can manage flat terrain or simple hikes, but when the ground gets technically tricky or if you plan to hike in areas where it rains/snows, be ready to invest in a pair of hiking boots that offer support and adequate traction. 


As you reach higher altitudes, the temperature drops rapidly. Do carry a jacket that can be packed easily and protects you from wind/water. 


The key here is that the material should be comfortable to walk in and should dry quickly. You’ll face different weather conditions in your entire trail, and it is essential to have a pair of pants/shorts that will be useful while hiking in all weather conditions. 


Whether it’s summer, winter, or monsoon, your shirt needs to keep away the sweat and moisture so that you feel relaxed and comfortable all the time — the most suitable shirts are made from synthetic fabric (dry fit t-shirts are also a good option). 

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Some basic tips about hiking clothes

  1. Safety – Your safety is the most essential thing that you should be concerned about. It will largely depend upon your hiking gear and the environment you’re in. For example, if you’re hiking in the rainy season, a nice waterproof jacket and quality boots should keep you dry, and if you’re hiking/camping at night, Surefire Flashlight will be your best friend to see the surroundings in the dark.
  2. Purchase Wisely – Quality hiking gear comes with a hefty price tag. It’s important to select the gear and clothes that can be used in multiple scenarios. For example, your boots should be usable during snow and rain. Please note: do not purchase things that look fashionable and are not practical to use. 
  3. Sunscreen – Your skin will be exposed to sun most of the time, and it can easily cause skin problems or sunburns. Do not forget to wear sunscreen. 
  4. Pack Light – As you’ll be carrying most of the stuff on your back, pack light so that you don’t struggle to heave your luggage. 

Bonus Tip: If you wish to save a few dollars, you can also skip the products from big retailers and buy old stuff, if the size fits you.

Final Thoughts

A hiking adventure is to calm your mind and soul – to escape the busy monotonous city life. Do not let your hiking experience turn into a nightmare. Follow these basic tips to have a memorable hike. 

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