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The Most Essential Cleaning Tools That Every Home Should Own

Cleanliness is second to godliness, and not only this keeping your home dirty exposes it to health hazards and may at the same time embarrass you to your friends. Cleaning is a common practice to every homestead and is therefore important that you get the right cleaning equipment so that you can get the cleaning done quickly and efficiently.Nine of the essential cleaning tools that every house should have to avoid for illnesses.Take a look at list of Essential Cleaning Tools.

Essential Cleaning Tools

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For the purpose of this article, we are going to discuss the most essential cleaning tools with the help from Glimmr that every home should have.

  • Sponges – If you have no idea of the benefits that you can derive from using a sponge then, listen to me. A sponge is the best for light cleaning, in fact, they are very economical and surface friendly as compared to a paper towel. Besides that, they are easy to clean and are available in many beautiful colors.
  • White Towel – As the name suggests this is exactly what we mean just a white towel you can opt to buy a new one or use an old one that you are not using. You could be asking why white and not a black towel? This is because with a white towel you can always tell when it is dirty and it can easily be bleached, but with a black or a dull towel or cloth, you may not tell when it’s dirty and the cleanliness is not guaranteed.
  • Microfiber Cloths – This is an amazing cloth that can help dust the surface and leave it sparkling. This is because it has tight, soft weaves which have tiny hair that easily hold the dust. You only need to lightly damp it in water and it will pick up all the dust that is in the surface. As compared to Swiffer dusters it is better by far. It’s therefore considered one of the best clothes for removing loosely stuck stains and dust.
  • Scrub Brush – As the name suggests, this hand cleaning tool is basically used for scrubbing. Besides the normal day to day cleaning, you need to set aside a general cleaning day. This general cleaning should not be done with simple clothes that you use to remove a simple stain. Basically, scrubbing brush is meant for removing tough stains and should leave your floor or wall spackling.  Head over to this site where you can find a good power floor cleaner that will suit your preferences and needs.
  • Vacuum Cleaner – Vacuum cleaner, also known as sweeper or hoover is a cleaning device that uses an air pump to create a partial vacuum to suck up dirt and dust from the floor and other surfaces. A vacuum cleaner can also be used to clean up carpets and sofa sets. It is not necessarily that you use a vacuum cleaner on a day to day cleaning but it is recommended that you can use it once in a week or after three days when you are doing general cleaning. Especially the Dyson Vacuum.
  • Drain Snake – This is a slender, flexible device used to remove clogs in plumbing. An Ideal drain snake has a coiled wire which has large spaces in between the coils towards the terminal. The person operating the equipment turns it around inside the pipe hence breaking the clog. Blockage of sinks and pipes is a common phenomenon in every home and it’s therefore important that you have one at your home.
  • A Bucket – A bucket is very essential as it has multiple purposes. You can use a bucket for cleaning your clothes, for cleaning house floor using a cloth or for storing other cleaning items such as brushes, sponge, rags etc
  • A Broom, Dustpan, and Mop – These three items work hand in hand. A broom is used to sweep the dirt from the floor or surface such as wood, tiles or carpet. Dustpan, on the other hand, is used to collect the dirt that has already been gathered after sweeping and then taking it to the dustbin and finally the mop is used to clean up the area with water to remove the dust or any dirt that could have been left after sweeping.
  • Spray Bottle – This is a very important equipment to keep at your reach. If you require rinsing anything at your home, you can use this spray bottle successfully any time, the only thing that you need to ensure is that the bottle has clean water.


Just to sum it up, cleaning equipment are so many but what we have covered are the most essential cleaning tools that you cannot afford to miss. If you get yourself these types of equipment I can guarantee you that cleaning will be enjoyable. Even with a cleaning service, these tools will prove to be extremely useful.

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