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Let There Be Light – Essential Camping Gear

The first time I went camping, I realized what night really looks like without street lights, car lights blazing through and lights spilling onto the streets from homes. It’s pitch dark, as in, you can’t even see your hand if you put it in front of you. Fortunately, today’s camping provides many fun outdoor lighting options, especially if you buy new RVs for sale.

If you want to learn more about lighting up a campsite, I have a full blog post about the best campsite lighting ideas, you should read it!

Let There Be Light - Essential Camping Gear

It never fails. It’s 3 a.m. and you’re on the family’s annual camping trip when Mother Nature comes calling. You grab your trusty old flashlight and turn it on and…nothing.

Damn it! You forgot to replace the batteries. Well, you’re in a predicament, unless you’ve prepared ahead of time and you have a manual-crank flashlight. If you didn’t prepare, you’re up the creek without a flashlight.

Manual-crank flashlights offer campers the convenience of quick and easy light, without the inconvenience of worrying about batteries. They are most ideal for your single section modular homes. Yay! Score one for the forgetful folks! Ranging in price from $5 bucks to much more sophisticated models that come in at $20-25, this nifty little piece of camping gear can bail you out of a jam when you need light – and fast.

Hand-crank flashlights are great to have in emergency kits, whether you’re camping or just heading out on a road trip. Most models offer 20-30 minutes of light after just a minute of cranking, and also come equipped with several different brightness levels. The more pricey models, if you’re so inclined, offer a variety of other nifty little features, including cell phone and USB charging, waterproof options, or models complete with AM/FM radio signal.

Let There Be Light - Essential Camping Gear

If you’re looking for more light to cover more area of your campsite, tiki torches is fun and romantic. Use mosquito-repellent fuel in your torch, and you should stay bite-free for the evening. Make sure torches are firmly inserted deep into the ground (remember what happened last year with Aunt Edith and the trip to the burn center!) To avoid another debacle, make sure everyone is aware of the torches, and take them down when everyone retires for the evening.

Rechargeable lanterns are great to have along on the trip. Priced from $20-50 dollars, units charge from a standard 120v outlet, or can be plugged into your vehicle’s lighter port. Made from heavy-duty plastic and rubber, they’re rugged enough for your camping trip, or also come in handy for use at home. The fluorescent U-tube casts a bright, white light that will help you find your way anywhere around the campground.

Whether you’re looking for a little bit of light or serious spotlights, today’s camping market offers an abundance of lighting options, from simple flashlights, to LED headlamps to “And-God-Said-Let-There-Be-Light” mega-lanterns.

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