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Entry Protocols For Mexico In 2021

The dazzling beaches, scrumptious food, and the mysteries that the historical sites of Mexico hide are enough to appeal to and excite tourists to travel the country every year. But now, with the travel restrictions easing after a long halt, people are keen to hop on the next plane to their favorite destination as soon as possible. 

Mexico has kept its entry requirements quite convenient throughout the pandemic. So, are you ready to travel to Mexico now as tourism returns to normalcy? If yes, what are the entry protocols and Mexican visa restrictions for foreigners? 

Keep on reading to find out everything about the entry protocols for Mexico in 2021.

Entry Protocols In Mexico

The entry protocols in Mexico vary from state to state, but the common thing is none of them demands a negative Covid-19 test to enter the country. And its no-quarantine criteria has attracted many visitors’ attention, boosting the countries tourism like never before. 

  • Entrance by Air
  • The first thing you need while traveling by airways is a valid passport or a passport card to travel beyond the border zone; this includes U.S. citizens and children as well. The validity of the passport should be for at least 6 months from your arrival in the country. 
  • If you don’t belong to a country that is visa-exempt, you will need to have a visa with you to get approval for entrance. 
  • On the other hand, upon your arrival, you will be required to fill out a health declaration form, generate a Q.R. code and provide additional related contact information. 
  • Sanidad International health organization facilitates travelers if they have any symptoms of coronavirus after they arrive in the country.
  • Entrance by Land

If you plan to go beyond the border through the land, you will need to stop at a National Migration Institute (NMI) office to obtain a permit. This permit and your passport can be demanded at any point by the Mexican immigration authorities. They even have the right to detain you in the absence of any document till your purpose of the visit is cleared. 

To take the U.S. registered vehicle across the border, a deposit and vehicle import permits are mandatory. The deposit is refunded once the vehicle leaves the state. The Mexican city of Sonora has a hassle-free zone that enables its entrants to enter without vehicle registration or entry permit. 

F.M.M. Tourist Card

Another mandatory document that you must have whether you are traveling through land or air is an approved FMM tourist card. The FMM is an electronic entry authorization given by the Mexican Government, which all travelers are required to obtain online whether they are traveling for tourism, business, or leisure irrespective of their nationality and means of travel.

This mandatory document is not a visa but is required even if you are from a visa-exempt country. 

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Additional Documents

Depending on the purpose of your visit, you may be asked to produce the following documents: 

  • Hotel reservations, tickets for tourism.
  • In case of a business trip, a letter in Spanish from your company to support the fact that you are their employee. 
  • For students, a letter of invitation or acceptance from the Mexican educational institute allowing you to take courses or for training and conducting the research for about a maximum of 180 days. 
  • Those who hold dual citizenship need to carry valid passports for both the countries that prove their identity and citizenship.

Mexico Vaccine Entry Requirements 

Mexico is planning to vaccinate its entire population in 2021 as soon as possible, starting from the ones at most risk. However, for entering the country, no announcement has been made to provide proof of vaccine record. 

Mexico Tourism Tax

The tourism tax is generally added to the airline ticket prices. No matter you are entering the country by air or sea, the amount will have to be paid in any bank of Mexico. The bank receipt will be attached with the tourist card, which is then submitted at the time of departure. 

The tourism tax will be exempted in the following cases:

  • Your tour is for less than 7 days.
  • You are coming through a cruise ship.
  • You intend to go to the northern border for less than 72 hours.

When You Are From Visa Exempt Country 

Mexico visa policy determines the need for visas for its visitors. There are around 70 countries that come under the visa-exempt list for Mexico. If you are from one of those nations, you can stay in Mexico for a maximum of 180 days without a visa, whereas you can enjoy a maximum of 30 days visa-free stay if you intend to transit through the country. 

Travelers from the U.S.A., U.K., Japan, and Canada do not need to obtain a visa, but a Mexico tourist card is compulsory. 

Medical Requirements 

Mexico’s Government handles the smuggling of narcotics and other such drugs very strictly. Therefore, if you have any medical condition that makes you carry syringes or any related medication, you will be needed to provide proper pharmaceutical documentation at the entrance points. Otherwise, severe penalties can be imposed by the authorities. 

If you are arriving from an epidemic (especially cholera or yellow fever) suffering country, vaccinations are required. 

Quarantine Status

Although the Mexican officials have allowed the entrance without any quarantine requirements but the health of each traveler is monitored strictly at the airport terminals along with the temperature screening. The thermographic cameras at the International Airports of Mexico can detect the fever at all times. 

In case of any symptoms, you may be asked to quarantine or returned to your home country. Therefore, it is advised that travelers carry medical insurance covering Covid 19 to help them in time of need. 

Final Consideration

Mexico is a land of beauty. However, before planning your trip to Mexico, check with your airline if they require any health information, tests, or added documents because if any requirement is not fulfilled, your entrance can be denied. 

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