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Entertaining Games That You Can Play Online While Traveling

Many people are excited about traveling and having memorable experiences at their favorite destinations. However, traveling can sometimes be tedious, and you need something entertaining to do to make the time fly. Flight waiting, transit time, and delayed flights are the main source of boredom while traveling.

Nevertheless, you can use that time for some gaming activities. Turn the waiting time into a lot of fun by playing games on your mobile phone. If you don’t have many ideas of what to play, we will inspire you with this list of games.

Online Slots

If you are a fan of casino games, then you can have a lot of fun by playing online slots. There are numerous slot machine casino sites in the Philippines offering different types of games. Online slots are very easy to learn, and they don’t require any skills, as they are a pure game of luck.

You can have hundreds of titles at your disposal featuring slot games with various themes. They can keep you entertained for hours, and the best part is that you can make some profits from online slots if you are lucky enough.

Another fun thing to do is Cincinnati Casino Night.

Flight Simulator

If you are preparing for a long flight, you might want to explore the world from the cockpit of the plane. Therefore, just download the Flight Simulator game, which is Microsoft’s gaming classic. You’ll hear the sound of jet engines while picking your desired plane to take off. The game’s map is so large that you will enjoy a unique experience each time you launch the game.

Flight Simulator will teach you a lot about communicating with air traffic control, pre-flight checks, and flying in general. Those skills will help you compete with other virtual pilots.

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World of Tanks Blitz

World of Tanks Blitz is a very popular PC game, and its mobile version is also available! It features state-of-the-art tanks which you can use to battle against other players. The game becomes more complex as you upgrade your tank to higher levels. Therefore, you can use your traveling downtime to move levels and expand your gaming experience.

Battleship Armada

This classic board game now has its online version. You must have played it before with your friends, and you will definitely enjoy playing it online. The goal of this game is to place your boats in spots on the grid and make it as difficult as possible for your opponent to hit them with a bomb.

On the other hand, you can sink rival ships by successfully hitting them. Whoever skinks the opponent ships first wins the game. If you are inexperienced in this game, it has several difficulty levels, and we suggest you start with the easiest one.

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GeoGuessr is a super exciting game that will keep you busy and entertained for hours. When you hit start, you will be placed in an unknown region. Your job is to figure out where you are located. Different signs, like cultural oddities and landmarks, will help you determine where you have been dropped.

If you eventually guess your correct location, you will be awarded extra points. If you opt-in for a free version of the game, you can select whether you are going to visit a country or a city. Pro version users can compete between themselves and are ranked on the scoreboard.

Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans offers you a unique opportunity to create your clan. This game has an amazing gameplay experience, and you will enjoy hours of fun. You will have different tasks on your table, like training your troops or building houses. It has a single gameplay mode, but you can also play it along with your friends. The best thing is that anyone can play it since it is very easy to learn.


If you have a long trip and you are a fan of card games, playing Uno is perhaps the best choice to make. It features numerous challenges and tournaments, which make it perfect for playing against your friends. Uno is a pretty straightforward game, and even kids can play it successfully. 

Best Friends STARS

Best Friends STARS is a perfect game for you if you travel alone. It will bring you a lot of company and keep you entertained. The gameplay is focused on collecting different characters by solving puzzles. You can collect treasures before your rivals pick them, and the game will make you feel like traveling in the company.


We tried to cover different game genres to provide you with the best choice for your trip. These games will keep you busy for hours, and the time will fly by pretty quickly. You will have a lot of fun whether you want to play them in a single mode or with your friends. Eventually, some of these games might bring you money!

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