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Enjoying The Best Yacht Charter Experience – Important Rules and Things to Keep in Mind

When you want to charter a yacht, there are many things to keep in mind. When it comes to yacht charters, you will have to fill out a “preference sheet”, where you’ll need to write about the food you want to eat, how private you want your experience to be, if you want to anchor in ports or in coves. Also, you’ll need to write about your allergies or medical issues – if any. Be completely honest when you fill out the form. Here are some tips and tricks on how to enjoy a crewed yacht charter at its most. How you can make your yacht experience an even better one. In this article, you will find many tips on best yacht charter experience.

Enjoying The Best Yacht Charter Experience

Talk To The Captain

Captains are very smart and they know a lot of stuff. They can talk to you about the itinerary, undiscovered places and many other interesting things. They will do a really good job for you, imagine what it would be like if he actually knew exactly what you wanted. If there’s something that bothers you, like the crew being too attentive (or not at all), he’ll solve the issue in no time.

Finding the right yacht rental Sardinia can be a challenge, unless you know where to look.

Have Some Respect For The Crew

These people are working for you, to make your experience the very best. They’re very good at their job, and they’re also happy while doing it. However, they’re not your servants. You can complement them and say thank you when they help you. You are not their only responsibility; there are many more other responsibilities onboard that you’re not aware of.

Show Some Flexibility On Your Itinerary

Weather, among others, can make your itinerary risky. If your Captain says that a destination is too dangerous, like Somalia, then you need to listen to him – it’s really a bad idea to go there. They will tell you an alternative destination, that’s probably not on your list, but that doesn’t mean it won’t be fun.

Safety First

It’s not always safe to be on the water, and yachts are not always perfect – there may be some mechanical problems. The crew has safety regulations, and you need to listen to them. Don’t ask them to skip a rule or “try to relax” or anything else like that. Safety comes first, and they’re doing it for you.

Obey The Rules, Especially The Barefoot One

Decks can be really expensive, so many yachts will require you to go barefoot when you want to walk on decks. You can ask your captain to make sure in which part of the yacht shoes are allowed. When you are onboard, the crew will give you a basket to keep your shoes in. High heels are a no-go for a yacht – they’re the first ones to damage the decks.

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